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    ISC is like an ocean which is worth getting feet wet

    Having stayed with ISC family for few months now I get a feeling that ISC (Indiastudychannel) is like an ocean and I cannot stop myself comparing the two here.

    Ocean is endless and spread over the vast area and so is ISC with diverse sections and topics which one gets to read and also to write upon. There is no end to amount of knowledge, thoughts and experience which you can share here and also what you gain here.

    Ocean generates continuous waves right from small ones to medium to some huge waves. Same is true with ISC as numerous, unending opportunities and tasks come here for members like the ocean waves. Some opportunities are easy and small while other are big an require good expertise in writing.

    An ocean will always be having high tides and low tides in a day. Similarly in ISC sometimes huge volumes of contributions keep on coming specially when members have more spare time which is like a high tide. On the other hand sometimes contributions dwindle during busy and festive seasons when members are tied up and can be compared to a low tide.

    Beach will always attract visitors to its shore to enjoy and have a dip. Some visitors who are new, of small age and scared of ocean will just get their feet wet in the shallow shores of ocean. On the other hand there are some visitors who are experts, experienced and know swimming will venture little far into the deeper ocean waters to enjoy. Similarly in ISC we have different categories of members. Some are new and prefer contributing little by little in easy areas while some are very old and experienced members with good writing caliber who contribute in all sorts of contests and challenging areas.

    We all like to enjoy sunrise on sea beach and watch sun rising slowly over the horizon till it is fully visible and illuminated. In similar fashion in ISC also at regular intervals we see new talented members who like rising sun get noticed by their contributions, become popular and progress further towards contributing to ISC.

    So I feel whoever has even a little writing calibre should visit this ocean called ISC and at least get their feet wet.
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    Wow what a nice way to sum up the greatness of this site from the authors own words. Yes ISC is the ocean of knowledge shared by over 9 lakh members spread across the world. Those who are seniors, those who have sparingly visited this site would visit again, those who have left the site for personal reasons, would visit again and those who are regulars shall share on daily basis. Just imagine the volume of knowledge sharing takes place in all the sections and those who are regular and wet their feet daily, have the chance to learn one step ahead of others who are not aware of this great site.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Excellent summation of the work done by the ISC website and the members. It's really a vast expanse of knowledge where people can interact and contribute in the fields of their choices and comfort. Many life forms are supported by the ocean, some gentle, some fierce but there a little for everyone; similarly ISC support many members and visitors, they are welcome to get their feet wet or venture out for a swim. Like the tides that keep the ocean alive, the members and their contributions keep the ISC lively and vibrant.

    Writing skills should matter little, its participation that paves way for gain and improvement, once we participate regularly, the skills follow in due course. Let this ocean help as many dwellers and visitors as possible. Again wonderful narration.

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    I congratulate the author for writing such a beautiful piece of thread which has described ISC in the very concise and apt way. Really it is a place well compared to an ocean. When I see my contributions I find that I am only limited to two sections out of so many.
    ISC gives ample opportunity to all of its members to take part in various contests and there are so many awards and prizes that one can get the contest of his choice to participate.
    For those who want to sharpen their skills in the area of creative writing, this is the ideal place. The forum and article sections give a lot of opportunity for this.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Wow! You have wonderfully penned down and compared ISC with an ocean. I was in awe after reading this thread. Kudos to the author!

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    A very nice comparison.My greetings to the author for this. This should be the TOW of the year. A very nice comparison. Only those people who have very good knowledge can do this. I think the author can swim across the ocean.
    It is really a boon to be a member on this channel. ISC is providing chances to all classes of people to improve their knowledge. In a school you can be permitted to sit in your section and learn whatever the textbook contains and the teacher teaches. So there is a limitation. But in ISC there is no such restriction. Basing on your knowledge, Calbre and strength you will get the returns not only in the form of knowledge but also in financial form. The more you spend time on this site,the more the knowledge you get. We should appreciate the web maters for giving shape and creating such a wonderful space for the people who are interested. As the time passes ISC is also expanding by getting update. My respects to the web master.

    always confident

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    This is such a beautiful narration. Loved it. A very nice comparison of ISC to the ocean. Author has beautifully compared the ocean to ISC platform. Everyone writes based on their knowledge and intelligence. The writing style differs and the content differs.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    A good promo-testimonial thread about ISC with a captivating getting title. I think it is very timely and relevant.

    ISC has come a long way and is every bit neck and neck with many of its modern peers. ISC has its loyal and trusted visitors and member-contributors because of what it gives. It gives knowledge and money to the seekers.
    Yes, ISC has a good treasure house of articles, discussion posts,educational and carer guidance matters and even answers to common and unique (even personal) questions also.

    As an ocean is not fathomed full at all places and each one has his own experiences, inferences and view about an ocean. ISC is also a sea of a lot of contents. Each one nets what he searches for and sometimes hits pot of treasure unexpectedly also.

    Just as water evaporates and rains elsewhere and the rain water flows to the sea with more new matters, ISC also churns out better and materials and better and better appearances also.
    I would like to us this context to wish ISC more and more fame and fortune.

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