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    Surname and Order of Name have Problem in 10th and degree certificates

    Hello, my name is written on 10th and 12th certificates as "XxxAxxx X----- Zxxxxx" but on my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree certificate it is "Xxxaxxx X----- Zxxxxx". There is a problem with "A" and "a".

    Secondly, on Ph.D. degree certificate it is "X----- Z. Xxxaxxx" [father's name is written in short form (Z.) and order is also different.

    I finished my 10th and 12th class in 1999 and 2001, respectively. And, Ph.D. in 2015.

    I have all my identity proof and Passport with the name mentioned as "Xxxaxxx X----- Zxxxxx"
    (First name: X-----; Middle name: Zxxxxx; and Surname: Xxxaxxx).

    Will this name difference make any issue while joining Central Government Job?
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    Yes. Better get it changed in your SSC Certificate.SSC certificate is the basis for de icing your name and date of birth. All education documents should have the same name. You decide what name you want among all the certificate and get it corrected as that. In my opinion getting it corrected at university level by producing your school certificates will be fast and easy. You can try that option for quick and easy correction.
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    We have been coming across such posts in the recent past. I have been advising the members who raised such post that while submitting to any board or organization about the name and other details , please check and recheck before ensuring submission to higher authorities. The school and college would give sufficient time for verifying and submitting the completed application before the board and thus it is our express responsibility to ensure that all the names are right and correct. Then running around for offices for necessary corrections were unwanted and unwarranted.
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    Even if it is one letter change, it is always better to change the certificates to one name with the correct spelling or each time there is a query, you will have to produce affidavits and name expansion certificates. Secondly, the order of your first, middle and last name is also different.

    1.Most of your ID documents ( Pancard, Adhar, Caste) have Dhavale Vishal Mahesh By international name norms it would be taken as First Name (your given name), Middle Name (your family name)and Last Name ( your father' s name).
    2. Your PhD has the name as Vishal.M.Dhavale

    Here itself, you have some documents to me implies your given name is Dhavale and some one Vishal

    So first, please get this in the right order including the passport. This is from personal experience or works visa overseas, In India, We keep the initials often before our name and sometimes after our name. I had the issue when i filled my visa form and later at the visa interview, I have to get a separate affidavit and a full name expansion letter from the universities.

    This would also be useful because most of the job and employee data is getting centralised and digitalised. My suggestion would be writing your name in the internationally accepted order First, Middle and Last and the spelling also the same in all documents. Many previous threads have mentioned about approaching the university, school and the magistrate which would also be useful for you, hence I'm not elaborating on it.

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