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    When the curious eyes decided to explore that shiny metal

    She was playing around the house when her father entered the house with a cover in his hand. She left her toys and ran towards her father to check what was inside the cover. It was her 7th birthday that day, she snatched the cover and peeped inside it. She was so delighted to see a box of cake inside. Her joy knew no bounds, the house filled with her laughter. Her dad took the cover from her little hands, he took the cake outside and the shiny metal along with it. It was a new and very sharp knife. She was so fascinated to see it that she wanted to get hold of it but her dad strictly warned her not touch it. He took it and kept it on the topmost shelf.

    Her dad went out again to buy few more things, her mom was in the bedroom folding her clothes. She came to the kitchen few times and stared at the topmost shelf and could still see the shining metal. She got more curious, her urge to just hold it once increased more and more. But she had to do it without her parents knowing about it.

    She slowly walked to the hall without making any noise, took her plastic chair over her head and swiftly walked back to the kitchen. She climbed the chair and then on to the kitchen platform. She raised her hands to reach the topmost shelf to pull that knife. She could hardly reach it but she was not ready to give up. She saw a big vessel, she put that upside down and climbed on top of that as well and finally, she got hold of it.

    It felt like an Eureka moment when she caught hold of it, the knife was protected with a plastic covering. She removed it very slowly lest the noise would reach her mother's ears.

    As she removed the plastic covering, she saw that the there was something red on the knife, she couldn't understand what was the red stains but it didn't take her long to realize that her thumb got cut while removing the cover and it was her blood on the knife.

    Panic struck her that she dropped the knife and jumped from the kitchen platform and rushed to the bathroom and dipped her hand into the bucket. Since it was dark she didn't realize that there was blood droplet all along the path that she walked. After dipping her hand into the bucket she rushed to the hall and starts playing again with her toys as if nothing happened but deep down she was very afraid, she didn't know how to stop the bleeding. She knew that when her parents would find out she would get a sound scolding.

    Meanwhile, her mom reaches the kitchen and finds the knife on the floor with the blood droplets leading to the bathroom, where she saw the bucket full of blood. She immediately calls her daughter and asks her why did she take the knife and why is there blood all around. She couldn't speak anything and started crying to which her mom takes her daughters hand and sees that the thumb is deeply cut and the bleeding had not yet stopped. She quickly tears a piece of cloth and ties it around. Since the cloth got soaked in blood and the bleeding was not stopping even after the first aid, she was taken to the clinic.

    There she got a double stitch on her thumb due to the deep cut. Needless to say she got sound scolding from her parents for not obeying.

    So that's what happened when the curious eyes decided to explore the shiny metal.
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    A nice story (true or fictional) that narrates what happens when children start to explore. The more we restrict, the more is their curiosity and sometimes mishaps happen. Lessons and experiences like these make them remember such events for a long time and would be careful the next time. The author's narration brings out two important facts related to growing children. Curiosity also enables them to think and find solutions in the process. For instance here, to reach the top shelf, the child uses a chair and a vessel as an aid. Lastly, the fear of punishment makes the child hide the mistake, we all have done this a few times.

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    This is one more classic example of how the children get tempted on seeing a new thing and want to test even without the observation of the elders and then get injured or affected. Good story.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    #612917: Thank you!
    It is not fictional, I did this when I was a child. Even today I remember the consequence of my disobedience. But a lesson well learned.

    #612923: Thank you, Mr. Mohan.

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    A nice way of expression. Really, children will have the curiosity of using new devices and explore new things which will give them the immense happiness. Same is the case here also. What I feel is when the father noticed that his daughter is getting curious about the knife, he might have explained her the hazards involved in using the device and he might have explained that the knife is very sharp and it should be used carefully. Instead of that, he kept it at a high place. At least he might have kept it in a place unknown to the girl.I request Neethu not to think that I am finding fault with her father but I am analysing the situation so that at least some people will catch the point here. Anyhow you are lucky your mother noticed it and actions were taken immediately and you got cured. This will be a useful story for the children of your next generation if you tell them. Then can get the moral out of the story.
    always confident

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    Thank you, Dr. Rao, I do believe that he must have told me of the consequences and I was already 7 years old so I did know that it was a very harmful object. But sometimes advice falls on deaf ears and we don't learn our lesson till we actually go through it.

    Had he hidden it out of my sight I and sure that I would have gotten more curious to know where is it and would have ended up in some other trouble (winky smiley).

    But I am really glad that this incident happened because after this incident I did make it a point to obey them as the fear was there in my heart during my growing years.

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