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    An innovative idea in marraige Invitation card!

    There is a good say in Telugu 'Pelli ki arru taralu itu arru taralu atu chudali' (In English we must see the roots of the family(not exact meaning)). In Present days as we still receive marriage invitation cards through by several means either by post or mail or WhatsApp or by messenger.As the quality may differ from each other based on their level but the matter is different from one to another.As some days ago I saw one typical marriage invitation in that the hierarchical family tree structure was printed of both bride and groom so it gives the vital information on seeing the Invitation Card.Do you have ever seen any good thought provoking marriage invitation card?If so, please mention here.
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    To me personally, whenever I see a glittery card, many pages, thick card, rich colours, I feel it's a waste of money. People who truly love and respect the families will certainly come whatever be the invitation. A few years back abroad, I was given a card, a wedding invite, it was a quarter size of an A4 sheet, just the names of the couple, a Hindu temple was mentioned as the venue, an account number was mentioned for depositing money instead of any gifts or flowers that guests wanted to give. 'No lunch arranged'. It was a curious statement, after the wedding, we found out that the couple had donated a decent amount to a charity that supported abused children. Although it was the size of an Indian postcard, simple yet profound meaning.

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    Normally the marriage invitations contains the both grand fathers of both sides as well the invitation is from the eldest of family. My younger brother's daughter marriage invitation we have designed last Sunday, in that the invitation has been written as if our elder brother invites. In south Tamil families invitation should contain names of all relatives of both bride and groom sides. I once went to select model card to the shop with one similar friend, the shop person (as known well earlier about us) told his assistant to show the 'book from invitation '. It was very difficult to us to controle our laughter.
    Mentioning family tree details is essential as many people do remembers elders only that too in present day children any of them do not know their grand parent's names and place.

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    I have never got the chance to see such an innovative marriage invitation card. I really liked the idea Mr. Natarajan has stated in his post. It would be better to spend money on charity than wasting it.
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    It is really a good idea to print the family background as a tree from both sides so that details of the on going marriage can be known to every one. I have not seen such an idea so far. But I have seen the invitation cards mentioning clearly not to bring any items to be given as present to the groom or the bride. I have also seen a Muslim invitation where in it was clearly mentioned that the invitation is for those whose names are mentioned on the card. That was really surprising. In Hyderabad there is a practice that on one invitation many people would grace the occasion and probably to check that this advise.

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    The invitation card of a marriage speaks about the richness of the families. This is the general feeling of all the families in India. The higher the cost of the invitation card, the richer the family is. This is purely a waste. How many of us will keep the old wedding cards? Once the marriage is over we will discard the invitation card.Is so much spending necessary? But nowadays it has become a fashion to spend more and money and to have very big wedding cards. In marriages not only the card there are many other expenses which can be reduced. The dinner they arrange will have a number of dishes and humanly it is not possible for anyone to taste all the varieties. But more items indicates the richness of the family. So we have to arrange many items. But quite a lot of food will get wasted. This type of expenses should be controlled and we should be within the limit and we should not incur any unnecessary expenditure for marriage functions.
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