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    Humble request : Never pick up quarrel in front of the children. They get emotionally affected.

    I have seen in many homes that there are difference of opinions between wife and husband on many matters and their mere discussions turns out to be heated exchange of abusive words against each other and then a possible tiff off. This kind of quarrel and bad behavior takes place in front of the child who is unable to decide as to whom to support and whom to side. He gets emotionally disturbed and cannot have concentration on anything such as studies, daily routines and so on. So for God sake, never quarrel in front of the children. They get very emotional and may even think of taking drastic step against their life. Be careful.
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    Yes, The children are the starting learners of what is life and how we can lead it. Some children are more smart they are quick learners, some of them learn bad things very quickly and if we perform any evil things in front of the children they also try to execute those things.
    Here one example, A family with two small children is living a life happily. on occasions they used to eat mutton of a goat with their family members and relatives. when the butcher was cutting the throat of goat the children had seen that and when the parents are busy on one day. The elder children cut the throat of his brother......
    From this story, we have to be more alarmed and very sensitive and humble in front of the children. so never quarrel in front of the children and never do any things that effects badly o the behavior of the children......

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    The author has pointed out a very valid point. First of all, avoid quarrels; even if there is a need to fight, do it when the children are not there or quarrel in a separate room and make sure the kids will not hear it. If a child grows up seeing his/her parent quarrelling, it will have a negative impact on the child. We live for our kids, but make sure we care about these little things for the bright future of our kids. Children will not get peace of mind in a family where parents are quarrelling. It will in turn affect their studies and mental health.
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    Nice practial tip of young parents. This is very common in the mornings or late evenings in nuclear families. In the mornings, the atmosphere can be electric, kids have to get dressed up, parents have to prepare their lunch box,snack box, they themselves have to get ready. Milk would come late, coffee would be not ready on time, bathrooms would not be free. In the heat of the moment father or mother shout at each other and this sometimes continues when we are all back home. Suddenly the arugment gets out of hand and a fight starts with each other telling how much they are working and how little the other person is helping out.

    This can hurt the young minds who have always seen parents as the most friendly and caring adults. Once the child is mature enough to understand the meaning of family life and work stress, then its a surprise that they become the mediators, Our older one is a teenager who often breaks silly arguments between us!

    Yes, we should certainly refrain from arguments in front of a toddler or a 5 year old. If you remember good family oriented English movies, the father or mother would say 'kids can you go your bedrooms, we need to have an adult talk or mommy & Daddy have to talk on an important issue. Maybe we can follow it, whenever possible.

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    It is true. Couples should quarrel before their kids. When we live together we may be getting sometimes some points where we differ with each other. We will discuss, we argue, we quarrel and we do all sorts of things. But after few minutes or few hours, we will become normal. But this fact is not known to the kids. If we quarrel with each other in their presence they will get disturbed more and they keep in their mind. They go on thinking about the same issue. They don't understand what to do. This will bring in negative thoughts in their mind and it may lead to other complications. So as said by the author it is not good to raise arguments and quarrels in presence of our children.
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    Sure. It should be strictly observed in the present day families as many are in nuclear and the animity of parents and children are close. Moreover the noting capacity in children are more in nowadays. Quarrelling disputing in front of children makes the way to 1)learn unwanted words2)developing hatredness against father/mother/both 3)develops fear in them which may leads to many psycho or health setbacks. Spitting unethical words in front of children is very dangerous. Once I happened to go to office with my colleague in his car. As driver was there in his car,that day he planned to drop his daughter (studying 3 standard)into her school,so we took her in the car with us. I was in the front seat with driver and they were in the back. As the girl was very bright, she was asking her father about many things seeing on the roadside, he also patiently explaining her. Suddenly the driver put break as one scooterist wrongly crossed in our way and the driver,with tension, scolded him with filthy words. The girl after some gap of time asked her father about meaning of the words used by the driver. All of us stunned, driver felt ashamed. We managed the situation somehow by diverting her.

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