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    Wash your hands after checking the menu card in restaurant

    We sometime go to the restaurants to enjoy evenings. We go there with our friends, relatives and with our family-members. Generally we check the menu cards very minutely and place orders. Not only the head of the family, but other members also go through the menu card and place orders.

    Now, in a study conducted in various western countries, it has been found that the menu cards are the dirtiest objects in the restaurants. It is quite natural. Menu cards can't be washed or cleaned. Menu cards remain for years. Menu cards are used by all types of customers visiting the restaurants. So, menu cards are the dirtiest objects in a restaurant.

    So, Members! Please instruct/request others to wash hands thoroughly after consulting the menu cards in restaurants.
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    Truly, the menu cards are the most dirtiest things in the restaurant because every one who goes to the restaurant used to touch the menu cards. Many of them touch the menu cards without washing their hands. so they are become most dirtiest things on the tables of the restaurant. To avoid this problem the managers of the restaurants must be ensure that all the consumers who are entering in to a restaurant must be wash their hands before going to sit on the tables.
    One more thing is that by changing the menu card monthly once, the problem also can be solved to some rate........

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    Must be true because if you look at some cards and the leather folders, the corners are turned in or dog eared, stains of kethcup and coffee on the cards, the stitches or embroidery has gone or is visibly dirty. Wherever we go, if we don't have enough water to wash our hands, we have a little of alcohol hand rub solution that we use or a wet tissue ( this is better than using a used napkin or a dry tissue).

    The Menu cards are often laminated or have a thin plastic layers, certainly the staff can wipe it clean. Anyway, it's much better to be aware and clean our hands. Same goes with the toothpick,sugar and mouth freshener tray, the bowl of nuts in pubs, if it looks suspicious better to avoid it. Sometime back, I came across an Indian article about well used paper money that we carry in our wallets were contaminated with many types of bacteria and in USA many currency notes had traces of cocaine. What all we have to be aware of!

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    True, we should make it a practice to wash our hands after going through the menu card. In some restaurants the menu cards are disgusting. The problem is we normally wash our hands first and then check the menu. Why don't we start doing it the other way round? What I normally do is, I check the menu with my left hand, I make sure I am not touching it with my right hand. Not only menu, be it anything, I normally don't touch with my right hand after washing it for having food. As the author pointed out, menu cards can't be washed, hence we can't blame the restaurant for it being untidy.
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    Taking the point of currency notes from the response by Natarajan, I too feel that we cannot practically be so careful about each and everything. If we are to be worried about the menu cards, then we need to be worried about the tables and chairs, the crockery and cutlery, the wash basins, the kitchen, the cook and so on in a restaurant or for that matter any public place which can, if taken too seriously, deter us from visiting such places.
    There are so many things in day to day life which pass through many hands before reaching us and further carries on with the rotation. So, I doubt whether there is any point in being overcautious about such things which can in turn make living very tough. The best thing that can be done is to keep ourselves clean as far as possible and maintain personal hygiene. I agree with Chitra that it would be better not to touch anything with our right hand once we have had a wash and is ready for food.

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    Too much is never advisable. These days in many cases people going to extremes in certain issues and in certain issues completely ignorant. I see many people stopping their vehicles by the side of the road and eat pani puri. The vendor will take out one puri from the bag with the second hand he puts some masala into that and dips the entire material in a liquid in a pot by the side of him. No gloves to his hand, no cleaning of his hands, He will merrily use his both hands. People will eat that food. But they open the mineral water bottle for the water. I don't understand the logic in it. Instead of cleaning our hands once after touching menu card, one after touching the spoons and other objects, I feel it is better to use a surgical glove to the hand and complete your eating. Discard the glove after eating. But the immediate question will be pollution. So carry your own cloth glove. bring it back, wash it and keep ready for the next outing. We should wash our hands thoroughly before starting our eating. Anyhow majority of people are using spoons and sporks for eating. So their cleanliness is more important than your hands.
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    Yes most of the hotels menu cards are printed in plastic matter and that is handled since months and it cannot be washed or cleaned and it contains all kinds of thick blackening coated dust bad for our health. Instead of touching the menu cards, it is better to order by seeing the big rate list being displayed inside the hall of the hotel or ask the serving person about the details and decide. It is better to accept the drinking water served in the glass water instead of steel tumbler as the washing material used to clean may have some residue inside the steel glass. So while going to eat at hotel we are putting our life at the risk of healthy disorder.
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