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    Gujarat Poll Announcement : A Lingering Controversy

    The Gujarat polls have been a lingering controversy since 2002. During that time Modi was the CM of the state. I remember that the state had already seen worst communal riots after Godhra massacre. There were allegation on the state CM and the state administration that the way the situation handled was against the "Raj-dharma". The then PM reprimanded to Modi and reminded of Raj-dharma. Even though, the CM dissolved the assembly in a riot-torched but religiously polarised state for early elections to take political advantage of the situation. He was criticised at that time also. Now then CM of the state is the PM of the country. There is a controversy on the poll announcement in the state. The EC has announced election in Gujarat after the announcement of elections in Himachal Pradesh against the EC policy and convention. The reason quoted by the EC was that the Gujarat government requested to delay the announcement to enable the administration wrap up relief and rehabilitation works to help flood victims in the state.

    Even though, the election announcement is the duty of the Election Commission, the central govt., is silent on the simultaneous polls of Gujarat with Himachal Pradesh. The same govt. had enough chest thumping on One Nation-One Poll in the recent past. The former Election commissioners have expressed that the EC has undermined its credibility in not announcing simultaneous elections in Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh.

    Ultimately, EC has announced the dates of election in Gujarat after enough of political hyperbole and announcements from the ruling party were over. I suspects favouritism in delaying the dates of election by the EC. Please opine.
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    What I have been closely watching that where ever or in which matter PM Modi is involved, the issue becomes big and varied doubts and controversies erupt. Gujarat polls were due and the decision to hold the polling is purely in the hands of EC and the center does not interfere. This election to Gujarat has become prestige issue for the PM as this is his state and any miss calculation or even lesser seats means the opposition shall brand him unpopular and even seek his resignation. For the Congress it wants to capture this state and teach Modi a lesson for his action on demonetization. So Congress and BJP has taken this election very seriously and any delay even in announcing the poll dates has created controversy. Nevertheless this elections is going to be litmus test for both the parties but surveys indicate that Gujarat would be safe for BJP and it is going to win.
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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    In our village, there was an innocent boy. He read an essay on the cow. It starts like this. The cow is a domestic animal. It has 4 legs so on and so forth. He doesn't know any other essay. His teacher asked him one day to tell about a coconut tree. The boy started telling. In our house, we have a coconut tree. under the coconut tree, we have a cow. The cow is a domestic animal... Whatever question is asked after one or two sentences cow is coming and from there it is same.
    Like this anything happening in Inda finally, the blame goes to PM only. Election schedule will be decided by the Election Commission as per the schedule and they will see that elections will be conducted by them.Mr.Mody was CM for Gujarat for three terms. It indicates he has the popular vote. The voters are not that innocent. Any Prime minister wants his party to win. But I don't know why people are so worried about his victory. Anyhow, we will see what is going to happen there.

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    The subject of this thread and the deletion of my responses with deduction of points bear the testimony of the fact that people who preach tolerance are most intolerant. They want people to blindly follow them. Dissenting voices are brutally penalised. At the same time, these very people preach tolerance to others.

    Because of this habit, these people are gradually loosing every credibility.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We are now in 2017 moving fast towards 2018. Modi has assumed post of Prime Minister since 2014.
    Let us now discuss this thread restricting and connecting it to Modi government's action, inaction and reaction since then. Let us analyse and review the Gujarat election announcement also in that light. That only will be relevant.

    I am one among many who feel that elections to Himachal and Gujarat could have bee announced on the same day. Not doing that has given rise to casting doubts on the central government manipulating the EC. Any number of technical explanations and justification may not remove the doubts in the minds of unbiased ordinary people.
    It gives a reason to believe the opposition accusations when we read this with the general trend in the country now.

    In 2014 Modi was having the maximum support and best wishes from the people of India, especially the generally silent and inert middle class, the educated tech savvy youth and the NRI s abroad. Everyone had so much of hopes that it was above Mt Everest. Naturally you and I also were among that, though we had a cautious optimism knowing the ground realities.

    However a series of electoral success (probably) had instilled a sort of overconfidence among BJP and NDA.
    That is what prompted many middle rung leaders talking senselessly and irresponsibly.They only add to the embarrassment of the Modi government which is now naturally facing the lull and fatigue after the honeymoon period.

    Though we had ruling party/ parties/coalitions at centre who saw to it that they have committed bureaucracy, EC, media and tried to have a committed judiciary also, public never expected such things BJP-NDA.

    Unfortunately the election date announcement gives a prick to that faith. From the hectic visits of PM to Gujarat during the last few weeks and even after the announcement of HP elections, only cements that doubt. It is just natural that the opposition and all those who are intolerant abut the BJP-Modi victory are sure to inflate and exaggerate and exploit to their favour.

    Giving room for such doubts in the mind of ordinary people is not good for the BJP-NDA in the future elections. They appear out of touch with ground realities . The sooner they learn and amend the ways , the better for them and may be, for the country also.

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    The delay in announcing Gujarat election dates by the Election Commission gives rise to many doubts. The explanation given by the Chief Election Commissioner Mr A.K Joti reinforces the doubts. Every political party gives some sops to the States where elections are to be held. The Prime Minister and the Gujarat Government could have done whatever they wanted to do a little bit earlier. The "Party with Difference" could have acted differently.
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    Notwithstanding the controversy/non-controversy of election dates , dirty caste politics around Patidars and so-called 'Gabbar Singh Tax', according to all opinion polls, BJP is set to come to power in Gujarat again. Not only that, it is going to wrest Himachal Pradesh from Congress.
    Learning prepared speech by heart (although unsuccessfully) can't win elections. Remember: "Is JAWAB ka SAWAL chahiye''.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The thread is about the controversy of Gujarat poll dates and not the results of the elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Pracharaks are good at giving speeches but not actions. If speeches alone can win elections, there is no competition to BJP.
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    Gujarat is again on the national news related to the elections or its delay, as we all know a lot depends on these elections for three crucial team of people/Parties, Congress, BJP and the Patidar community.

    Each one has a lot at stake, Congress hopes to win to prove that BJP and its recent schemes were wrong, BJP wants to win as it's PM's favourite state and its stronghold, a loss here would be a blow to their credibility and lastly the Patidar group hopes to show some wins to prove that the government should have listened to them to be included in the OBC.

    When there is so much going on, certainly anything done by anyone would have some bias and subject to intense scrutiny and lots bound to be happening behind closed doors.

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