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    Encourage young talent but give them oppurunities also.

    There are many programs aimed at encouraging youth in sports, to study, scholarships for excellence. But they also need opportunities to prove themselves and showcase their talent. One such example is Chakardhar Aalla a 22 year old PG student of designing. He participated in the National competition for designing the logo for India's first Bullet train and won it.

    It'a a matter of pride to have students and young citizens of India to get involved in selected National public services for designing, suggestions, innovations and views. It is well known in the software industry to invite common people to find flaws in programs designing by major corporation.

    The bullet train logo could be given to an elite corporate design company but by encouraging public participation it increases the public appeal and reflects a fresh approach from the Government.

    I think we should encourage such events.
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    We need to encourage young talents as it is very much important for the development of our country. The next generation is in our hands and we need to mold them up. With regards to creating opportunities, I feel today there are more opportunities when compared to olden days. It is just that we need to guide them to the right track and show them the various opportunities available.
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    The years to come are for the younger generation. So we have to encourage the deserving cases. The present-day generation of youth is having plenty of opportunities. We have to support them with a free hand to them. We should be observing them from a distance and if they are going out of track we should bring them back on to the track. With the present day advancement in the technologies, the youth can do wonders with their inquisitiveness and intelligence. So it is the responsibility of the elders to encourage and support youth.
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    Sure. Any talent should be appreciated as everyone has different talent always. We should never compare one with another. Especially in young ones, presently bright talent and brain is there. We , as a parent,should observe the same in them and encourage as well appreciate so that we can have a great child. My great worry is many parents make vanishing the talent in their children without finding and encouraging.

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    Talents are in plenty. It is available with every citizen. In youth the talent is immense. But the problem is that we wont get the right platform or the right place to expose the talent. In this case Chakardhar Aalla may considered very lucky as his logo designed to depict the first bullet train in India has been approved and won the prize. This is one of the example of how India has immense talent. Good that the present government is involving citizens to design and exhibit their talent , instead of calling a tender and doling out huge amount. A change in government think set is surely welcome to tap the talents.

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    Good replies, thanks to everyone. yes we have talent, given the sheer numbers they need platforms like this to express themselves. The Government also should be credited for taking such innovative paths to reach out to the youngsters across various fields.

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