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    How to post reviews in reviews section

    I do not see any option to post new reviews on any subject in review section of ISC.
    Can editors or any one who has knowledge let me know how can I post new reviews about anything in ISC in reviews section?
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    Maybe you need the rights to be granted by the administrator before you can start posting. I have never posted a review and even I can't see a submit review option for me. If not the other members would surely reply soon.

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    As such there is no review section. We allow reviews of educational institutes only. You can visit the school or college page and submit a review of it via the link 'Write a review' provided for it at that page.

    In the articles section, you can submit a comment to the article which can include information that is missing from the article or some details in the article which needs to be corrected. In that sense it becomes a sort of review.

    If you wish to review ISC itself & its features, you may post a forum thread and give your views under the ISC category.

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    Thanks for the reply and clarifying my doubt. I was of the impression that in Reviews section in ISC we can post reviews on any subject and not only school and colleges.

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    Maybe my interpretation is wrong. But, I've just checked the website, to top line has 'More' and in the drop down menu is an option 'Reviews'. On clicking it, the page lands to Reviews and the top line mentions new submissions,Pending,Deleted,Approved and My Posts. Further, opening an approved review, i have an option to add my comments also. What is this related to? To me, it implies that there is a review section. Sorry if i've mistaken something else for review.

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    That page is of reviews of schools and colleges only. Like in other sections, the member posting reviews can check which are pending, deleted, approved and a list of his/her reviews under 'My Posts.'

    The 'Submit your comments' feature was introduced to allow the institute's management to put in a comment / objection to the review. Thus, it is generally filled up by those who do not agree with a bad review and will allege that the institute is indeed good! Of course, members too can post a comment, pointing out, for example, that the infrastructure is not as bad as is claimed in the already submitted review. However, instead of just a one line comment, we would much rather have a full-fledged review, where the member can start by saying, for example, 'The review posted earlier about this school that it lacks sports facilities is not applicable now. The school has upgraded its infrastructure and now offers facilities for indoor sports, namely, badminton, table tennis and basketball.' The member can then add some more analytical content (the good & bad of the school), thereby making it a more informative review.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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