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    Is changing or controlling food habits is difficult?

    Taking food is the primary as well as routine requirement of human body. It is the source of all the energy we need to survive and perform our works. Different people as per the society they belong to or environment they live in have varied food habits. Some people require rice at least one time in a day while many others take it occasionally.
    Non vegetarian people can not enjoy without non-veg food while vegan are happy with the vegetables. Once a particular food habits are formed it becomes very difficult to change them as they become a way of life and if we are forced to change them we become unhappy.
    There are some fat people who are advised by doctors not to take fatty or oily or carbohydrates but due to their food habits and taste buds they become very sad and unhappy while obeying these instructions. It really becomes very difficult for them to change their pattern.
    What are your views on this?
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    It purely depends up on individuals and their controlling powers. We all have that one food we love and will be tempted to have it by seeing it, especially when we are super hungry. But some people who are health conscious can control the temptations. In our office, when functions are on, there will be various foods offered, but I have always noticed 2 health conscious females never taking any of those and will stick on to their salads. I see them having salad every day for lunch. I can't be like them, I might lose my control when I smell the aroma, because I am a foodie. But definitely when the doctor advised to be veg for a month or two I had no other choice than to obey him. It was ok initially but towards the end I was craving for non-veg food. I am not a regular non-vegetarian and prefer vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes, still I craved for non-veg towards the end of my course.
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    I agree with Chitra. This purely depends on the individual. My father is very conscious about his health. If the doctor advises him not to eat any particular food he will never even smell it. During his 61st here he was having a symptom if sugar. He stopped sugar and he has become normal. Today he is 84. These 23 years he never used any sugar or never eat any sweet. He maintains himself fit even today.
    My uncle was there. He died in his 62nd year, that too after suffering from sickness for 3 years. He was a sugar patient ad his sugar levels are very high. But he used to have medicine and eat sweets. He suffered a lot because of that habit. Even after the doctor advising him also, he never stopped that eating and died with the same problem.
    Controlling and not controlling depends on the individual.

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    Well when the things are available in regular and in plenty there is no problem for our taste buds. But when we visit other towns and cities, where in our required food is not available, then we have to adjust with the minimum. When we go to North, we find it very difficult as the people there are habituated to more wheat than rice. In South we prefer more rice than wheat. So when people visit here and there, they have to take the menu with them , otherwise they have to adjust with local taste and items without complaints or better to have bread and jam where ever the food is doubtful and not up to mark.
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    According to me, there is no necessary to change our food style on any account. We should reduce the quantity only if advised. We should avoid some particular items as advised by doctors when we sick. No one should alter his own food style on any account unless specifically told by proper doctor.

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    Changing food habit is really difficult, but after long stay in foreign land or in a different part of the country, we gradually get habituated to new food. But this change of food habit makes our own food more tempting. After more than 25 years in Delhi, I am more or less habituated to Delhi cuisine, but my craving for Bengali food has been increasing day by day. I eagerly wait for the visit of my brother, other relatives and friends from Kolkata with Bengali food-items. When I go to Kokata, I take Bengali food to my heart's content.
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    If only we could control our diet habits, then the cure for obesity would be very simple and easy to cure. One get's into a routine of eating and acquire fondness towards a particular item. A lot of the foods stuffs that common people like are either grouped as junk food, fried food or bad for heart and diabetes (sweets, milk products).
    It is very difficult to control the urge to eat things which we like.Some can do it soon, some cannot do it. Often a health scare or the beginning of an illness in the person, the presence of family members with diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity is often used as a means to enforce the person to change their habits.
    Over a period of time and with willpower things can be changed but gradually.Change can be introduced by substitution and reducing the size of portion or serving. Gradually increasing the vegetable and salad component, changing from deep fried to shallow fried or steam. Like this over a period of time with constant re-enforcement, it can be modified.

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