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    Number of views facility for posts in ISC

    Though I am not sure how practically this may be feasible to implement I feel that members should be able to see number of views for any content posted by them be it ask experts answers, forum thread, articles etc. We see this facility in few of the content writing, blog websites and I feel it is good to have it in ISC. Usefulness of this to the members will be that they will be able to see how many times the content they have posted has been viewed. So based on the number of views members can judge whether content they have posted is interesting or not. If there are large number of views member will know that his content is creating interest among others whereas very low views will show that content is not creating that much interest and he can think of changing his writing style. Currently only way to know this is based on the responses posted to the contents. But there are some members who just view the content but do not post the response so that does not get accounted currently. If seeing number of views facility is there then people will be able to see how many times their content is viewed and it will definitely be useful.
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    For that matter ISC is not a social site where in some matters and images are liked and viewed without comment. Here the site wants members to interact with each other by exchanging views and their responses as the content so that inclusive participation from each one of them could be possible. Your suggestion may not be helpful or fruitful for the author who has raised. He or she wants comments, either good or bad for the threads raised and as such every one shall post something or the other. At present how many people commented on our content is clearly visible in bracket.
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    Simply giving how many views is not important and it is of no use only. If the only number of views means the author himself can open it many times to see how many comments and what is the summary of comments. It may not be useful that much. If it can record who are the people viewed it if you know it may be useful for you. But in this particular case, it is also not required. ISC is not having any system of collecting money from members to proved them premier membership. On LinkedIn there is a column, it shows how many people viewed your profile. You will become curious to know who are they. Then the site says to see the complete list of viewers you should get the premium membership for that you have to pay this much. But ISC will never do such business activities.
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    You have touched upon something that would be more needed later on even for a site like ISC. These days many interactive sites have to depend on ads and links whether they like it or not to generate revenue to keep it going. Although ISC does not have an image of a commercial or a social site, it too would have at some stage to become one.
    Here comes the issue of the number of views, number of likes or number of dislikes. Even though the author may have an excellent thread or point, apart from the core group of active members, the rest may just glance, read and not post a reply for various reasons.
    So, just my thoughts, not now but to be kept in the backburner for later discussion.

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    I raised the issue more than once. Whenever I raised the issue, I was advised to register myself with Statscounter. As a terribly horrible person in this regard, I could not successfully register myself despite repeated efforts..
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