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    Basis of adsense revenue sharing

    Dear editors and members,

    I know that after becoming gold member ISC we are eligible for adsense revenue sharing.

    I want to know what is the basis of sharing adsense revenue with members? Is it on basis of X amount per single view of content posted by you or is it like for eg Y amount per 1000 views of the content posted by you.

    Existing members availing adsense revenue sharing, can you please give idea of amount you are able to earn in a month per article or thread or ask experts answer by the way of adsense revenue sharing?
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    Adsense revenue is the advertisement program from Google and that is purely based on your content and its important. If your content is great and more viewed on the internet , then the earnings from the same would be more. By the way never have high hopes on earnings. It fluctuates and depends on clicks from the possible customers who will go through the ads appearing on your content page. By the way ISC also shares Revenue bonus every month where in 10,000 rupees is shared with 20 top members according to their contribution and performance for the month and so on.
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    Please note that becoming a Gold member is, not the only criteria to get the Adsense revenue.Your candidature has to be approved by Google and then only you will start earning Adsense revenue. You can understand and get more information on this issue if you go through the help topics in which the eligibility criteria and other details were clearly shared. If you already have an Adsense account then the story may be different.
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    You can go to article section and see the first one- How to earn from ISC and Google Adsense.

    Just my personal views, I have joined in the last few months, still not taken adsense. For me, I have to be well versed with contributing in the area that I like and the areas I can. Then I have to be regularly contributing, once I do this then I plan to take apply for it.

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    Same here even I have reached the Gold level just a few weeks back but I don't plan to apply for Google Adsense anytime soon. I would like to get well versed with the site and after contributing satisfactorily would apply for the same.

    But yeah as suggested by the members there is a help topic which explains the basic requirement to apply for Google Adsense.

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    Though there is not a comprehensive reference point on this matter, you can gather the needed basic information from thevarious discussion posts
    For example
    1.response post#572095 by Vandana(ME) in this thread
    2. from this help topic.
    3. Discussions in this thread
    You can read and filter the needed additional information from the number of thread discuions in forum posts under ad sense revenue sharing category.

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