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    Will it be better for the Government to provide health insurance instead of providing free health?

    We always argue that Government should provide free health to all its citizens. But it is very difficult to provide free health as it will need lot of infrastructure and at the same time it will kill the private hospital and insurance industries. So, private hospital and insurance lobbies won't allow the Government to implement the free health policy. In my opinion, if the Government pays health premiums for all its citizens, it will be more than enough. It will be cheaper than providing free health. It should provide at least Rs. 5 lakhs health coverage and it should be linked to our Aadhaar cards. What is your opinion in this regard? Will it be better for the Government to provide health insurance instead of providing free health?
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    What I opine that by virtue of providing free health, the government is going to ensure free medical aid for all especially the poor. And if the author suggestion be accepted, health Insurance are subjected to be in force to avail the benefits and not all would be afford to pay the premium. If the government comes forward to pay even the premium with the cooperation of respective state governments, then that would immensely benefit the poor who cannot be denied medical attention even at the corporate hospitals. Certainly your thoughts must be heard by the PM Modi,
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    It is good if the health insurance premium is paid by the government instead of providing free health. whether it is government directly bearing or bearing through insurance companies makes no difference to the individual. It will not make any difference to the hospitals also. It will be good if it is implemented. But Corporate hospitals will take the advantage and make very high bills as it is paid by the insurance companies. If the insurance company is making losses they will increase the premium rates of others policies which are being paid by the individuals. It is a vicious circle where the common man and the taxpayer is the sufferer.
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    A government is not expected or supposed to be a giant corporate business making profits only as the motive.

    Government is the stable,basic permanent mechanism to serve the citizen ensuring and providing all the basic essentials for their life, existence,survival and development and carrying n with dignity. That is why the welfare schemes are initiated and implemented by the government.

    It was by seeing and also foreseeing the possible bad effects of the two main system- wholesome capitalism and full state control- that our leaders and constitution makers properly allocated things to be fully under public sector, fully for private sector and under joint sector.

    As of now Healthcare is under both private and public sector. The government is involving itself for the basic primary health care, and selectively for higher speciality care. Private sector plays more in the above primary level health care. It is now slowly being sen and reported how the private sector exploits the helpless and vulnerable. Health care is slowly becoming affordable to even the reasonably salaried middle class.

    The advent of multi corporate, multi national players in the insurance sector has made insurance also affordable and one sided. The sector is resisting even reasonable government intervention for regulations.

    In that situation, if government frees its responsibility and role in health care and give it to the whims and fancies of private sector and private insurers, then it will lead to exploitation and bleeding the people. That will just be equal to hand over governance to corporate. Then people wil naturally ask why we need a government at all.

    It is only because the public sector or government has its role that many things are under some control. Let us understand that significance.

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    But Venkiteswaran sir, in Andhra Pradesh such similar schemes are working somewhat well. Below Poverty Line people need not to pay any premium for a health insurance coverage of Rs. 2 lakhs and Above Poverty Line people need to pay a premium of Rs. 1200 per year to have a health cover of Rs. 2 lakhs under Arogya Raksha Scheme. That means total population of Andhra Pradesh is covered under the scheme.

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    Nice thoughts, Health insurance is a link in the chain that connects the healthcare provider to the end user. In the middle somewhere in the finance provider and the infrastructure.

    It's important to know that India has a unique mix of people and factors that make all the four key links in the chain highly variable. This brings us to the next question that is accessibility, affordability and effectiveness of the service. In all, it's a complex puzzle and the answers are not easy.

    1. The government should and is providing free healthcare but at this point of time, its used variably and effectiveness depends on the nature of the disease.

    2.Indian Healthcare in a multibillion-dollar industry. The private sector is responsible for 60-70% of healthcare is It would be impossible to kill the private sector and insurance industry because most of us, you and me would always want the private sector as it would be our first choice for major illnesses.

    3. Personally, for me, the government paying a premium and providing health care utterly makes NO sense. The insurance sector is a business arm that generates revenue in the healthcare sector. At every step man and machine is involved from the point of the person taking the insurance to the point of actually getting the claim, all this doesn't come free.
    So to me, it's like money earmarked for the poor going through a rather circuitous route instead of directly going to the hospitals. To me, it's just a manner of promoting schemes for the sake of telling people that we are doing something.

    As I've mentioned before, it would take few years but the government has to link private and public sector and decide on charges based on the one key criteria that is 'actual income of the family' ( the charges can range from 0% to 100%). Once this is done and the system is in place for everyone, then we can hope to move on to the next step like US or UK where once you have a National single identity number then health care is free for all.

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    Government takes tax from some and use the money to serve others also.
    If the same is given to insurance under private sector they also will do the same by taking high premium from maximum people and offer free service to a few others by getting the premium for that from government.. That also will come under many complicated conditions under fine print and apostrophe.. The companies will be getting the money and profit. The poor have to pay first and then get a reduced amount of compensation, whereas now the poor get everything absolutely free upfront.

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