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    Why do people forget this universal truth?

    Today I had to go to Delhi High Court to attend a Court case. While returning I noticed a very prominent lawyer and a very very important Minister of UPA regime was walking beside me. This very famous lawyer and politician was walking all alone carrying files and law books. However, I was astonished to see the attitude of people. Other lawyers and people present in the High Court were avoiding him. They didn't even speak a single word to him. Nobody even wished him Good Day. He was so forlorn.

    Six years before, I saw the same Minister in a Government office surrounded by the top bureaucrats of the country and other political functionaries and busybodies. He had been very arrogant.

    I have been thinking about these two contrasting images of the same man. Absence of power has completely finished the arrogance.

    We must remember this universal truth. Power is everything. We are only puppets. Temporary power should not make us arrogant. People in powerful position should not misuse the temporary power.
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    Nicely narrated Mr.Partha, it's very true. Humans often develop contacts and often think of how useful a person can be. This is truer in places of power, money and reach. People who are influential, rich and can open doors are often in demand and difficult to reach. The heady mixture of power, authority and money prove intoxicating to them. Once they are devoid of these materialistic qualities, they are normal people like you and me.

    Hence, it's important to have a balanced view and outlook and be as human as possible. There are several examples of dictators, leaders and power brokers who had everything beyond their dreams and yet died a death worse than an animal.
    One of my teachers used to say ' Always be kind to people on your way up as you will meet the same on your way down'.

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    Very true Mr. Partha power has the potential to make a person very arrogant. If you are not down to earth as you grow powerful just one downfall from that great height will make you fall flat on your face and there will be none to lift you up and fend to your needs.

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    Very true from the author's words. We get into arrogant mood when ever we are blessed with money and power to over power others. In this case the lawyer and the so called Minister seems to have gone wrong in their case and also their verbal dual during their hey days could have been harsh and cannot be printed here. People wont forget the past , they do remember the bitter experience and the hallow experience. All this contribute to the present state of affairs. One thing is sure, those who have become humble and sober after their arrogance and stubborn attitude, good days are also ahead for them for sure.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The fact of life is very well presented by Partha. As long as you are in power and you can do some favours to the people they will admire you and once you are out of power and you can't do any help to your people they will forget you. If the person becomes arrogant, the other people will tolerate as long as he is in power. Afterwards, noone will tolerate them. This is the truth. Everyone should know the fact and behave normally in all days whether you are in power or not. That will give you a peaceful life and everyone will respect you.
    always confident

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