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    End of famine caused by drought?

    Scientists in China succeeded in growing the yield of a strain of salt water-tolerant rice nearly three times their expectation.
    Over 200 types of rice were planted at the Saline-Alkali Tolerant Rice Research and Development Centre in Qingdao,a coastal city in eastern China Shandong Province. Sea water from the Yellow Sea was pumped, diluted and channeled into the rice paddies.
    This can feed over 200 million people.

    Can we imagine the end of famine caused by drought now?
    If so, this will be one of the most important scientific advancements of this century.
    Just think, whether this can be applied to other crops.
    What will be the environmental impact?
    Many questions rise.
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    Food grown in times of drought is something I've not heard of. Saltwater supporting irrigation sounds like an innovative concept. This can revolutionise agricultural practice in arid and dry areas. Today farmers, especially in South India, are literally fighting for water to irrigate their crops in summer times.
    I'm glad if this can be applied at a larger scale and for other cereals as sometime back there was an article about shrinking levels of underground water tables globally.
    Some questions would be raised along the lines of whether it's a GN crop or does it have high salt levels. It's a good start and hope it becomes applicable and acceptable in the real world.

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    From this post it is very clear to understand that the land yielding capacity has gone and there is need for new ways to produce food items and China has understood this fact well in advance. By finding new varieties of rice grown through residue of salt water, I am sure we cannot get the good taste of rice when cooked. If you take Tamil Nadu and AP which are considered to be rice bowl of India, the water from Cauvery and Godavari which are very sweet in nature are being used to irrigate the land and the out come of rice from the land would be good yield and very tasty which cannot be denied or discarded. However there seems to be a breakthrough from the Chinese scientists as that country has to feed the over population and there was a need to find alternate ways. If the taste of new found rice is good and acceptable, surely India can also find ways and means to produce rice in that way.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is really a good development. if really seawater can be used for rice growing and if the yields are better this globe need not worry about water for crops and food grains for the population. I know that salt water is good for Coconut trees. In manufacturing organisation, for regenerating the resins used in demineral water plants, a lot of salt water is used. The water coming out of the plant will have a high concentration of salt and will also contain some other salts. That water will be used for growing coconut trees and the growth will be good. The author of the post mentioned that sea water is diluted and channelled into paddy fields. So the level of dilution may be very important. Good finding and will go as a revolution if it is proved in the field also. Thanks to the author for sharing the news.
    always confident

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