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    Festival of Manipur celebration

    Cheiraoba Festival how it is traditionally celebrated
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    Reema please accept my best wishes for having visited this site after five years. But you could have posted a detailed content on festival of Manipur ie Cheiraoba Festival being celebrated there. We the main land people are not aware and are not informed well about the customs and traditions of North Eastern states and being our one of the member hailing from that state, we would be immensely happy to know the various festivals, the daily life of the people and how they cope up with the challenges during the calamities. I would appreciate your detailed interaction here.
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    I am not aware of festive of Manipur and how it is celebrated. Either the author or any other member who knows about this festival can share the details here so that we all will get benefitted. In Yanam, near Kakinada, a union territory the municipal authorities conduct Yanam festival every year. All the people participate and enjoy.
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    I'm also not aware of this, on checking some pictures at first, it looked similar to what we do during our own festival.
    Cheiraoba is the festival of Manipur New year that comes in April every year ( like Pongal in Tamilnadu).
    It is celebrated with great fervour and faith. The houses are clean, decorated, people offer pujas and exchange wishes and gifts. People climb nearby hills as according to the legend, it symbolises progress and rise of the human race.
    People who have had the chance to experience this can add more.

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