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    The mouth watering Street Foods

    Almost every one of us prefers eating street foods. Its taste just melts in the mouth, people get tempted to eat it. The first reason is we love to eat spicy food a lot. Secondly, street food is cheap as well and the taste is equally yummy. People from North India are a big fan of street food especially if you have heard of 'Gol gappas' that is easily available. Gol gappas if I define are the round shaped wheat balls having spicy water in it.

    People these days are now becoming a fan of Chinese street food if I talk about 'Momos', or noodles or chowmeins. The taste is equally delicious. Depending on the choices of eating, people largely prefer street food.

    Though it is very tasty, there are some disadvantages also of eating the street food.
    The first thing it is being prepared and kept in open place, sometimes the mosquitoes keep flying here and there. The place becomes unhygienic to eat anything. This could also lead to diseases.

    The second reason, people keep littering, they most of the times eat and throw the used plates anywhere on the road, which creates more of unhygienic environment nearby.

    People should understand and throw the waste in the dustbins provided and not make the place unhygienic.

    I feel the amazing taste of street food is due to the fresh food being cooked by the chef immediately and served to the people to eat. This attracts many people to the stalls. It is in any way nice to eat such food and we can prefer eating at hygienic places.
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    If you are talking about some spicy and hot street foods, surely no one can deny nor discard the taste of Hyderabad Mirchi with added flavors. They cut the mirchi into to halves and then fill it with onion pieces and also some fried groundnut. They also add chutney with the dish. The taste would be mind boggling and you would ask for one more plate for sure. All this comes for 25 per plate for four hot mirchis. ( mirchies means green chillies here ) . Apart from that samosa stuffed with american corns, samosa stuffed with potato, samosa stuffed with onions and samosa stuffed with methi leaves are also equally famous here. And after eating this the Hyderabadis will surely go for a Irani cup of tea and the taste cannot be equaled nor had from any place. Irani chai and Osmania biscuits are the great combinations to taste.
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    It is really true. Many street vendor foods are mouthwatering as well induce to buy and taste. I used to see a roadside shop where an old age couple selling photos and idli, though it was simple idlies the look of the pieces with good hot and softness , it induces me to taste but because the non-veg items by the side prevents me. But if we are seeing the price food items in hotels the street shops really good .

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    I prefer to eat street food where hygiene is maintained. I am a regular fish eater. In my area, a vendor sells tasty hot fish fry at a very cheap rate. A fry fish piece which costs in the stall Rs. 20 would cost Rs. 75+GST in a hotel. Same way, I go for CFR (Chicken Fried Rice) which costs Rs. 50 would cost me Rs. 120 + GST in a hotel. The quantity served by the roadside vendor is double than the hotel service. Two persons can share and eat the dish.
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    Street food has evolved recently in terms of cleanliness,cost and presentation. Things are done in the open, you can see the cooking area etc easliy. In our area there are lots of minivan or a small tempo converted into a single food making and dispensing mobile shop. One dispenses chat, all in steel containers, clean and in thick paper bowls, the taste is very good at an affordable price. Another person sells only three items but is always crowded (chicken/gobi manchuri and one fried rice). The other vendor makes only 4 dosa varities. All are popular with youngsters and couples, they even pack it, if you take your own container. They have a small waste bin and the entire show is neatly done. No need to wait for too long a time. Just pay the correct amount in a few minutes you have the food in your hand. There are many such new start ups that are placed in strategic places during lunch hours and evenings where in people can get decent quality at almost 1/3 the cost.

    We should be careful when we try new places as there would be a risk of a tummy upset. By and large, yes we have come a long way from the traditional panpuri cart to modern day clean and compact mobile food cart. The good thing is the best street food vendor in the locality is known by word of mouth and not by adverts or brand names.

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    The gol gappas mentioned by the author are our pani puri. The same item in Andhra and Telangana are known as Pani Puri. The food may be tasty. But the way the vendor operate I feel we should not eat. The vendor will use his both the hands, dipping the hand the pain that is being given with this item. What type of water he uses for preparing that water is not known. Whether he cleaned his both the hands before offering us the dish is not known. the food is not even hot. Once I have seen a video in which they have shown how the puri for Pani puri is made. Once if we see that video we never feel like eating that item. Coming to Mirchi samosa and other food, there is no comment on taste. But the hygiene is not maintained. The oil is also over boiled and over boiled oil is very bad for the health. Of course, many people prefer eating these items. The young people prefer these items more.
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