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    The first anniversary of Note ban or demonetization fast approaching ie 8th Nov. Any comment ?

    For the past 11 months I have been closely watching the purchasing power of the people and also the behavior of the traders and other business men post demonetization. There has been drastic cut on purchases and only essentials are being considered and brought. Likewise the traders and businessmen are not stocking items which are costly and has the lesser movement. For the daily wage earners, getting a new job has become a problem. For companies getting new orders has been a waiting period. May I know what the members have experienced during this 11 months ?
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    In Tamilnadu, Mr. Stalin protests on 8 November as a black day.
    In the Centre Mr. Arun Jaitley celebrates it as Black Money day.

    Really it is a black day with black money . No one knows how Mr. Reddygaru could get new 2000 rupee currency notes for Rs. 33 Crores. It affected the common man. A wasteful exercise by the Modi government's demonetization. It did not do anything good, but made many bank employees and politicians rich. In that respect, we can call it as black day.

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    We, the common mass of India, have taken demonetization in our stride. We faced some initial problems, but life has now been normal. The slowing down of business was a fact during initial days and the situation is now normal. However, demonetization has been proved devastating for dishonest businessmen, hawala-traders and corrupt politicians.

    I don't have any problem with demonetization. This is true about my friends, relatives, acquaintances and my neighbours. Life has remained the same. But this is not true for dishonest people.

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    Demonetization, the intent, the planning and execution was something, I never thought that could be done in India by a political party. This was done with the intent of making unaccounted cash literally worthless. Many thousand crores have come of the street. There was some mention about counterfeit currency coming across the borders being rendered futile by demonetization.
    The economy slowed down initially, people were struggling to get their hands on the new currencies but it settled down.
    Personally only for a few weeks, we had to spend time in queues to get money out for daily expenses but didn't usaffect much.

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    Demonetization is made possible by the BJP government. Many crores of rupees lying in the bedrooms and underground rooms of various people in the country have reached the banks in their name or on others name. The people who deposited more money in the banks are under scrutiny. The money in the closed rooms has seen the light. As an individual, I never suffered because of this demonetization. It proved difficult for those people who have a lot of black money. A part of common men suffered for some time because of the nonavailability of cash. But no individual of this class criticized this programme. Now the things are under control. The problem of nonavailability of cash for some time is also due to the corrupt bank officials only. Overall my opinion is the entire mission is successful. Already we are seeing the difference in real estate.
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