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    Shhhhh! There is no dengue case in West Bengal

    Southern part of West Bengal has become a breeding ground of dengue. mosquitoes Tens of thousands of people have been suffering from dengue in the state. People are dying everyday. Regualar deaths are being reported from even Kolkata. The last year's riot-affected Deganga-Baduria area is the most affected. The condition has become such that people are leaving that locality. Of late, the municipalities, corporations and panchayats have started cleanliness operation, but the fight against the mosquito has become unequal in favour of mosquitoes.

    When the state health machinery has virtually collapsed, the great leader Mamata Banerjee and her party leaders have started pressurising the physicians and pathological laboratories. The physicians and path labs have been asked not to indicate dengue in the blood report of patients. They are asked to write 'acute febrile illness' in the reports of dengue patients. The pressure has become so oppressive that the physicians and path labs have now decided to start movement against the pressure tactics of Trinamool Congress leaders.

    I request all Members to inform their near and dear ones, their friends (off-line and online) that the dengue cases are rapidly rising in West Bengal. Moreover, if the prescription/lab report indicates 'acute febrile illness' in case of a patient from West Bengal, it means the patient has been suffering from dengue.
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    This is one more case of arrogant administration from Mamata Banerjee. Why she is not sailing with the water and why she wants to swim against the tide. When the whole India is concerned about the out break of Dengue and Malaria, here is a Chief Minister who wants to shut the reality and wants doctors and diagnostic centers not to report on having dengue and malaria. How the voters of West Bengal are tolerating this kind of leader who is not useful for any purpose. It was also reported that she wont link her Aadhaar card with bank account citing why the banks need her personal detail. Really she is odd.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Political leaders always in dream world and they won't accept reality that much easily. Mamatha also not exceptional. All state and Central government are doing the same like how PM, FM still says demonetization is success, all black money came out, etc etc

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    Mamata Banerjee is trying to hide dengue cases not to accept any help from the Central Government. She has been paranoid about the increasing popularity of BJP in West Bengal.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is a very clear-cut example of the cruel politics of Mamata Banerjee. The arrogant Chief Minister of West Bengal trying to mislead the people to get political advantage. This is inhuman. The laboratories and doctors should not yield for this kind of pressure tactics and as decided should start agitation against the methods of this lady. This is only one instance somehow came out but doubts arise in the minds of crores of people about other issues also. The credibility of the politicians has lost. Noone will have faith in this government. West Bengal people should realise and give a correct lesson to TMC.
    always confident

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    If it's true, then it's the sad state of affairs. Any fever would be acute febrile illness, once we have a diagnosis then the term changes. It's just a play of words.

    The reality is, we keep hearing similar reports of malaria, dengue and chikungunya fever from many places. The infrastructure and government healthcare sector as a whole gets burdened beyond limits to support the care of these unfortunate people. Every other day we see reports that the hospitals are overflowing, two or three people in one bed, lack of food etc.
    We can't blame the few people (doctors, nurses, staff) who are doing what they can do. If we provide them everything and still job is not done, then we can penalise them. These are testing times like an emergency crisis, where help comes, who asks for it is not important, to get it in time so that lives are not lost is important. These are also the times when people and media can approach the centre asking for help and the centre on humanitarian grounds should extend help, setting politics aside.

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    The great lady has also claimed that the mosquitoes of other states are causing dengue in West Bengal.

    It is only a matter of time (for her) to blame the Prime Minister for the dengue problem in West Bengal!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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