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    Which actor is most famous in TN. Is it Kamala Hassan, Rajnikanth or Vijay ?

    As the election to the assembly approaches in TN, there are every possibilities of new political parties, political alignments and actors taking sides with the parties. Already actor Kamala Hassan and Rajnikanth were keen to enter politics and with his recent movie Mersal in Tamil, actor Vijay who took a dig at Demonetization and GST seems to be sailing against BJP. So for the voters of Tamil Nadu it would be a difficult situation as to whom to chose. There are ardent fans for both Kamal and Rajni and at the same time Thalapathy Vijay cannot be undermined.
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    My vote goes for Rajanikanth. Rajanikanth is very popular at all levels of the society. He is having fans in both masses as well as class people. There are incidents where people came by flight from different places to Chennai to see his movie on the first day first show. I never heard like this for any other hero in any language. Kamalhasan is not as popular as Rajanikanth in masses. The third hero is young and his fans are more in schools and colleges majority of whom are not having even voting write. So the chances of getting highest popularity are for Rajanikanth.
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    My answer would be slightly different. In the Tamil Film industry currently, there are two potential leaders, for now, to make it into politics ( Rajinikanth and KamalHassan) and two in the near future ( Vijay and Ajith). All four have been either crown prince or King of the Tamil industry.
    All have brand appeal, following of the masses. In the past, Rajinikanth has expressed his desire to enter politics too. Kamal Hassan is serious this year. Ajith, incidentally a few years back was strongly against his fan club being used for political gains. All have been involved in social work for Tamilnadu. What we need is a group of honest people like a thinktank team to take these individuals with fantastic brand value and set up the political machinery to help the state. Unfortunately what happens as history has taught us is, political parties exploit the immense fan base that immediately translates into a voter base, then runs the real show behind them.
    Each one of the four has the potential to steer Tamilnadu into good times provide they get the honest backing of the official machinery and they themselves stay as they are and don't become one more addition to the list of the typical politicians that the country has seen.

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    But with Merisal, Thalapathy Vijay has well connected to the audience and he is giving sleepless nights to other two big wigs and hence this doubt ?
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No sir. Vijay now would be misusing a golden chance for the future. I think the most practical is for Rajinikanth and Kamal to set the trend and then for Viajy and Ajith to follow in the future years. A leader is not born overnight, it takes years to create one. Being in politics at the helm of affairs is like running a marathon, focus on duration and completion rather than a quick sprint. Make one's presence felt, have a fan base, start work for social causes, stand up for injustice, establish, consolidate and then you would be a force to reckon for a decent period of time at the top level.

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    The two old (Kamal and Rajnikanth) and two young (Vijay and Ajit) actors have enough fans to support them. A single actor cannot form a party and win the election. All these four actors should amalgamate and form a party. They can have the senior most actor Kamalhasan as their Party President, Rajnikanth as General secretary, Vijay as Deputy Secretary, and Ajit as Assistant Secretary. If they win the election, Kamal can be the CM, Rajni as Dy CM, Vijay as HM, Ajit as FM. What is important is cooperation and coordination without any ego.
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    What I feel that Kamal does not have the pulse of the Tamil Nadu people, and Rajnikanth may not be accepted for his Kannadiga tag. So Vijay has better chances and he is youth.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sun your suggestion may not be accepted as Rajni fans wont settle for less and so as the Vijay fans. By the way why Kamal should be CM candidate ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Although I do not generally watch Tamil movies (or any other movies from southern India), I always like the roles played by Kamal Hasan. He is an intellectual actor. On the other hand, I don't like the acting of Rajini Kanth because of his excessive mannerism. I have doubt whether Vijay can be compared with these two actors so early.

    However, I do know that common mass always like the mannerism of Rajini Kanth and he is more popular in Tamil Nadu.

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    If their fans don't agree with my proposal, We can have all the four actors as CM turn by turn. We can designate them as CM(Summer) CM(Winter) CM (Autumn) & CM (Spring). Also, we can have them as CM(Admin) CM(Home) CM(Finance) CM(Law and Order). I think this will make all their fans happy.

    @ All these four CM's will sit in one large office room without any privacy. One CM will sit facing North, the other to the East, the other to south and the other to West. To get the direction for the CM's, it should be through a draw. No personal choice. All should be fair.

    Are you laughing? I am serious.

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    Come on Sun, already the dirty politics in TN has become a laughing stock in public and you want to aggravate the situation with your proposal of CM 's by turn ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Else we can divide Tamilnadu into four zones and have CM for each zone. The zones are North zone, Central zone, South Zone and West zone. All the CMs will function from Chennai only. I think this will work for the betterment and satisfaction of the fans..

    This is the only way to remove DMK and ADMK from power.

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    #613183. Paring them, keeping them together or zoning would not be feasible and productive. Each of them is a legend or an upcoming legend as far as Tamilnadu is concerned. The are numerous silly fights between fans for the height of the posters, best opening of each one's movie etc. For a major issue such as politics and power, the fan base will never agree to pair them even if the leaders want it. They should be independent and do the service appropriately.

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