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    Do our IAS and IPS officers go by rule of law or they even look beyond books ?

    In a meeting the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called upon the civil servants to look beyond the books and that made me to think over and raised this thread. Our IAS and IPS officers are really custodians of rules and laws. They are bound to follow them with great integrity. Though the politicians have the power to reshuffle and shift them if not towing with their idea, they do oblige sometime to follow the diktats of the persons in power. In that case do they have some soft corner for the public to look beyond the rule of the book or they simply follow the rules and wash the hands for their inability ?
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    IAS and IPS officers are vested with lot of administrative and financial powers. These are the people who are supposed to control or manage anything anywhere. They are well trained for that. Unfortunately they are also not free to work as there are politicians sitting on their head every time.

    So sometimes IAS and IPS want to do something as just and logical but the political forces stop them to do so and rather force them to do something which probably some of them will not like to the core of their heart. But the world is a practical place and if they have to survive they have to abide their superiors specially the Ministers.

    These things create aberrations in the functioning of a system and is the root cause of bad governance in the country. These are also the reasons why IAS and IPS act sometimes beyond office books.

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    The IAS Officers work as the District Magistrate or District Collector of a District at the very initial stage of their career (after training). The IPS Officers work as Superintendent of Police at the initial stage of their career. They become the administrative head of the district and law & order authority of the district. They exercise administrative power and financial power even at the initial stage. At the same time, they have to face situations which are not even envisaged in rule-books. They have to take instant decision which have to be innovative. So, they always go beyond the rule-books. Going by rule-books does not always solve the purpose or sort out the problem. Good Officers make new rules or create new precedence.
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    Looking beyond the books means looking at innovative solutions or out of the box creative ideas. For IAS and IPS officers who have good administrative and social skills,they are backed up by a decent degree of command (power,authority and control over districts). It becomes a problem when they are often made to bow down to the wishes of vested interests and political parties or higher ups.
    In delicate situations, unique locations, religious fights or handling sensitive information, they need to be quick,on their feet and do what is right at that particular time and environment. Today social media and press can spread events faster than wildfire.Handling antisocial elements with good connections also needs tact and a good brain. Sometimes they may need to turn a blind eye to smaller issues to keep the larger peace intact. Many such things cannot be taught or guided by the rule books. It's up to the IAS & IPS carders to uphold justice, moral values and protect the common man.This would be part for the reasons behind the message.

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    Not only IAS and IPS officers but also many other people who are at the helm of the affairs has to think beyond the rulebook sometimes to be proactive and bring the situation under control in emergencies. Similarly, they have to think out of the box for arriving at good solutions for some important problems. So it is very important to the people on top to look beyond the vision. As mentioned by Partha, many of these IAS officers will be working as District Collectors and IPS will be working as Police Superintendent of that district. These two people will be responsible for all the issues of the district. A district will have more MLAs but only one Collector. In certain times of emergency, they may have to take immediate decisions to see that the administration will go normal and situations are under control. They will be under tremendous pressure in situations of emergency. One side the politicians will be bothering them and the other side the print and the electronic media will be waiting for a chance. So those times they can't go simply by the rule book. They may have to think beyond rulebook.
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    Not only IAS ,IPS officers but any one sitting in the responsible seat cannot go beyond the list laid by law/rules. No genuine person can do ultra vores but if some body doing rams they are fixing their destiny. Of course situations do cross in their way for testing their loyalty and in such situation his/her courage to face according to law/rules.

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