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    Does being jealous helps one in his growth?

    Jealousy is one of the most common attribute of human character. There are very few people who can claim that they are not jealous. It is a spontaneous manifestation of our reaction to someones progress or affluence.

    Some people show it in a very obvious ways while others keep it to their heart. In schools children are taught that one should not be jealous and should be contented in his life with his achievements and success only. Still most of us are jealous.

    Many times the jealousy motivates a person to do something to achieve the better things in life with respect to his peers. Surprisingly some of them achieve their goals also.

    Do you feel that such things happen in the life of jealous people?
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    First of all one should not get jealous over the others. God gives opportunity to shine and prove every one. In that case getting jealous over others progress should not happen. For every one there are challenges and achievements are also possible. Just because some one could manage and get into winning mode, we should not get jealous. Be happy that you were also part of the event and might not have won the award or prize. May be our planning was not good, may be we could not understood the concept and may be we are wrong to predict that we would win. All this matters and jealous should take back seat.
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    Jealousy can hamper one's growth instead of adding it as a fuel for growth. There might be some exceptional cases, attributing it alone to jealousy for their success would be inappropriate, their hard work and aim must have led to their success, because by being jealous, and if you keep thinking of their growth you will get nowhere. As you will keep drooling over their success instead of growing yourself.

    If jealousy is your motive for success then there are very high chances that it could lead you to make wrong choices which could be harmful to you as well as people surrounding you.

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    I have always felt that all positive traits have a negative side and all negative traits have a positive side. Let us take love as an example of a positive trait. It gains a negative face when love turns into possessiveness. Similarly, jealousy also, though a negative characteristic, does have its positive side too.

    I am not saying that being jealous of someone else is good but I do think that such a feeling can help a person if he can convert that jealousy into a motivation and energize his thoughts and actions to perform better. I think the difference lies in the fact whether you are jealous of someone but is happy for him or whether you are jealous of him and can't stand his progress.The negativity becomes visible when you tend to criticize him and try to find faults with him. Otherwise, jealousy is a natural feeling which may, as I said before, help us to become competitive and committed.

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    I feel there is a perception that jelaousy is bad and hence jealous people are all bad. Many of us would be telling a little white lie if we say that I've never been jealous in life. It's a human triat to be jealous, whether we use it in a contructive way or be destructive to the other person concerned makes the difference of being a good human being or not.

    Kids grow up feeling a little jealous of the neighbouring kid having the bigger fancy toys, they pester their parents to buy them the same or better than it. School going children being dropped in a big flashy car creates a tinge of jealousy even among their own friends. College friends get a little jealous if a girl singles out boy among the group or otherway round.SOme of them change two buses and walk to reach the workplace, they surely feel a twinge of jealousy when they see a colleague or a junior arrive in style in luxury car.

    I think as we grow up and mature in life, life teaches us to subtly feel less jealous and take things in our stride. So, why not be jealous about something we come across, then don't let it take the normal course of events but use is as constructively to help us be positive and be motivated.

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    There is nothing wrong in feeling Jealous. But what is your action after feeling jealous? You can think seriously how the other person is so successful and try to implement the solutions you are getting to your mind to overcome him or at least becoming equal to him. This is constructive and jealousy is giving the inspiration to improve. There is another angle of thinking. Some people after feeling jealous, they think how to bring down the other person. This thinking will bring negativity in mind. So neither you gain nor you can stop the growth of the person. So this depends on how you react after feeling jealousy.
    I remember a small story which was narrated to me by my grandfather There were two brothers. Both of them were doing good. They don't have any problem of finance. But always they watch each other. They want the other one to get spoiled. Both of them started praying for Lord Siva very seriously. One day Lord Siva appeared before one brother and asked him to tell his desire so that he will fulfil. The man asked the GOD, What is my brother asked you. The God replied that till he has not seen him after completing his work with him he will go there. Then the man asked, whatever my brother asks, you give me double to that. The God said OK and left. The God had gone to the second person and asked him to tell his desire. The man enquired about his brother's desire. The God told him. Then the man asked the God to get his one eye become blind. The intention here is he will have one eye but his brother will lose both the eyes. This is the negative effect of jealousy.

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    I agree with the author, at times jealous motivates people and they struggle to be like the other person. But at the same time, there are cases where because of being jealous he/she will hamper the growth of others. That is not at all a good idea.
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