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    Why being honest(public & private sector) at work attract death?

    A KAS officer, K.Mathai has come out saying that he is being provoked to commit suicide by three IAS officers for exposing an illegal scam.

    Last month, DS Pandiyan, an IAS officer who investigated a scam in land deals around UdhamSingh Nagar for NH-74, had to seek police protection for his own safety.

    Last year, Dy.SP Ganapathy ended his life few hours after giving a TV interview wherein he named a minister and two IPS officers. This week CBI has filed a case against the minister.

    Why should honest employees in our country quit the job, get depressed, think of ending their lives, be threatened or be killed for being honest? Is it they are weak-hearted or the problem of corruption is of such magnitude that truth will not be allowed to come out at any cost.
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    This clearly proves that Indians who rules by people of powers which are more great than those who work for them. Politicians wield their wand on those who are working against their wishes. Most of the Police officers who have been posted new to the area must get acquainted with famous people there and behave accordingly. Just because he has the power, he should not commit any high handedness and that would pave way for his immediate transfer. We have seen a Police officer publicly coming out of information on excessive treatment of favor to Shahshikala in Parapana Agrahara jail and she was immediately transferred.
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    An odd man can't survive in the society. In our great independent country, the rulers are having full freedom to do whatever they want. They even have the liberty of eliminating people who are coming in their way for achieving their goals. There was very good IPS officer in the combined AP. He was spotless and very strict. He brought many gundas under control and brought Vijayawada traffic under control. No disputes and no gundaraj in Vijayawada. He was transferred to Hyderabad. One day morning he had gone to LB Stadium for the morning walk. Somebody shoot him dead. Incidents like this in India are innumerable. Their name will never come out. They will make somebody as the scapegoat. To these politicians, some corrupt officers are helping to these politicians to achieve their selfish goals. So by becoming hand in glove to these politicians are achieving their goals by earning huge money. They will also have their own people who can remove any person who is coming in their way. So there is no room for honest people in the system.
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