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    Why do most Indian doctors shun rural service?

    Many states find it difficult to get doctors for rural service. Many governments grant seats with a mandatory rural service clause for doctors finishing their under or postgraduate courses under government quotas.
    But all do not take up rural service. In a recent report from Karnataka, claims that only around 4% completed rural service, rest have paid penalties to the tune of 38 crores in the last few years.

    This thread is not about who didn't or exact figures but the reason WHY?
    Members who have relatives or children in the medical field, please express your view so that we can have a fair debate from the people who seek the service and the people who provide the service.
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    This is a good question posed by the author. It is quite obvious that those who study for the course of doctors want to have a affluent life after that hectic studies and practice. Normally in rural areas the facilities are minimal and some times even food is the basic problems for the doctor to stay and serve the rural poor. Now the government has made it compulsory and sure for the new medical aspirants to sign a bond and adhere to its rule or otherwise pay the fine. My daughter who is doing first year MBBS has signed such agreement and hence forth all the future doctors have to serve the rural population.
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    There are various reasons behind this undesirable but true phenomenon. I am mentioning some of these reasons.

    (a) Most of the medical students (more than 90% to my estimate) are from big cities. They are not habituated to rural life.
    (b) Many students opt for medical education from commercial point of view. Remaining in village health centres would not benefit them commercially. They can't prosper materialistically in villages or in small cities.
    (c) The village health centres don't even have minimum basic infrastructure. There is no facility of even minor surgery in these medical centres. Basic medicines are not available. Even adequate number of supporting staff is not there. The physicians don't get professional satisfaction in those cenetres.
    (d) Of late village politics have become dirtier. In village centres, the doctors have to work under various political pressure.

    These are some of the reasons because of which doctors don't want to work in villages. However, despite these problems, some doctors do great work in village health centres. They even buy medicines to the patients from their own pockets. They work sincerely and don't wait impatiently for transfer order in larger hospitals in big cities.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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