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    Why caste consciousness is increasing day by day in India today?

    I find caste consciousness in India is increasing day by day. Caste organisations and caste based parties are multiplying very fast. One of my friends, who is married to a girl from another caste, still supports his caste and organizes his caste meetings. In my opinion, he should stand as an idol for others who are entering into inter-caste marriages. I don't understand how people are so much conscious about their caste even when their spouse is from a different caste. Earlier people used to forgo their caste identity, though passively, if they got into an inter-caste marriage. But the present scenario is different. Why there is so much caste consciousness in India today?
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    If anything many people in the cities and some even in towns are getting less caste conscious day by day. I just had a what's up forward, why do we Indians (some of us) fight battles to get included into the 'BC' group. People should feel proud to be considered as forward than backward. So, It is only when politics of caste need to be used or exploited for personal benefit, then it becomes increasingly seen in papers and social media.
    Coming to inter-caste marriages, there is nothing wrong with two mature adults get married. It is more important for the spouse or the families NOT to try and force the other to get converted to their caste, like, a boy from one caste or his family forcing a girl from another caste to get converted after the marriage (can be vice versa with other castes). Any grown up man or woman should be free to choose what caste or faith he or she wants to follow.
    As far as your relative is concerned, I'm happy that he retains his identity. Getting married to a person of an other caste, following a spiritual leader of an other caste, spending time in social service related to a temple or a Church should not mean that he/she changes religion, doesn't mean that one should give up his faith and follow a new one. Do it by choice, do it once the decision and the likely implications are understood and accepted.

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    A very nice thread put up by the author and it will be difficult to answer the question but there are certain observations which can be discussed in the forum to get the real answer to this interesting query.

    Caste system was devised by ancient people to distribute the work in society to different groups and these groups were not allowed to mix with each other. This was probably the handiwork of some intelligent people who did not like to do menial things by themselves and wanted to get it done by inferior castes.

    Whatever be the motive behind such an act, today it has created a big political drama as well as leaders are exploiting the people and their sentiments on the basis of caste related matters. They are time and again reminding the lower castes how the upper castes exploited them in past and they should if possible now settle the score. This is in fact fueling the caste related fights.

    The reservation system which helped the lower castes to get the job has now become a thing of great controversy in our country. People have become more concerned about caste related matters now a days. There is a great threat to the upper castes if the reservation system continues.

    Knowledge is power.

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