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    Can money get us peace of mind?

    We are living in a world full of struggle and we are having lot of competition and rivalry everywhere. The path of life is full of obstacles and every one is pursuing with full efforts to achieve his or her financial and social goals. It is natural that under such circumstances we will be having disturbances in our minds and many times stress levels will be high.

    Some people are able to earn handsome amounts which can bring them all the physical facilities in the life while other are only able to generate their livelihood. As far as peace of mind is considered even some rich people are not happy due to various reasons and in spite of their good financial conditions they feel disturbed and often have anxiety attacks.

    So it appears that there are many things which are necessary for a peaceful mind. Only with money we can not get it. What is the opinion of members on this?
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    Good health is the most important factor for peaceful mind. Money can give peace of mind only for a short duration. If we have sufficient money, we automatically ask for more comforts. More comforts always lead to ill health. Similarly, with more money we develop some kind of ego that we can achieve anything with our money. But it is not always true. There will be many situations in our life which we can't deal with our money.

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    Money can give peace of mind in certain cases but not always. Many things are required to have a peace of mind and these things vary according to our situations. But keeping a lot of money at home won't give us peace of mind. Some people say poor people can sleep peacefully without thinking of money being robbed, whereas rich will always have that in mind hence can't sleep properly. Whenever you have a lot of money, your own relatives can end up killing you to take away the money. I am not saying it is the case always.
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    Money can never get us peace of mind. Peace of mind can only be attained when we are happy with what we are doing. Peace of mind is a state where one is contented and happy with what they have and a lot of factors contribute to it. One needs to be healthy, happy family, and a happy home to have a peaceful living. Money is also needed for survival, in today's time, you cannot get anything without money. In order to eat, you need money to get foodstuff to keep you healthy. But this money we can build up with our hard work and good education, once we have enough amount of it, we can just focus on our inner happiness and real peace of mind.
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    No. Money can never bring happiness. You may be able to get all the comforts of the world with money. But peace of mind and happiness will not come with money. In fact, as you become richer and richer your peace of mind will go. If there is no peace of mind there is no happiness. Once upon a time, it was difficult to get the education even you have money. But These days education also you can buy with the money you have. But no happiness. A person who is having plenty of money can't even sleep happily with a fear of thieves snatching away the wealth. But a poor man who is not having any money with him can sleep wherever he likes without any problem. Always money is a disturbance of the peace of mind and happiness. The happiness and peace of mind always come with contentment. As long as you are happy with what you have you will get peace of mind. Greed will take away your happiness. So be content and be happy and have peace of mind.
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    Most of the young men and women give money the prime importance. They think that money can buy them everything, including peace of mind. With the passage of time, people grow older and more experienced. When they forty, their views become different. Along with money, they give importance to family. When people reach sixty, money becomes least important to people. They realise that money can't buy peace of mind, rather excessive money often destroys peace of mind.
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    Money is a very important thing in our life but it is not everything. You can purchase physical gadgets and facilities with it but if you are not happy these things are of no use.
    Mental balance and happiness is the utmost thing and that only brings a healthy and meaningful life.

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    Having some money for us and our families will help us in getting peace of mind. I'm not saying run behind money all the time but spare a thought. It's nice for one to have lofty ideals about peace,love and feeling contented.

    Coming from a middle class family, even by the time we start our families, we are still fulfilling the responsibilities of the family we've come form. Some of us need to look after our parents,get bills paid on time and save some for the retirement and for emergencies. There would be many of us who pay a good part of our salary for EMI,rent,household expenses and medical expenses.

    More importantly, our earning years are limited, this is becoming more and more true in the corporate or the private sector, where firms merge, companies collapse, units get shut down, downsizing etc. If we see the daily newspapers, the job market is anything but rosy in many fields. There are at least three of my friends who have lost their jobs this year.

    So, unless there is family money to see us through, as common middle class families who work for a honest living, we need to have some money to give us peace of mind.

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    On the basis of mine yes, money is important beacuse it can solve many problems and give us a peaceful and joyful life. I belongs to a middle class family, in my family only my father works and earned some money not alots of money which does not fulfil every needs and wants. The money is always be the first reason to get peace of mind, happiness, joy and peaceful life but there is a second reason also which get us peace of mind is our loved once. If you loved someone which already in relationship with other which never be yours not in present nor in future. You've lots of money but you cannot buy her with money. There are many people who really loved someone from a heart to our wife, to our girlfriend but not a lot in this generation many people pursuit of money always so our love can also get us peace of mind and make a smile on our face.

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    What I understand from my own personal experience and from the experiences of the others, I found that the more money one has, his thoughts go for the things which are not required at present and plan on such things which are waste in future and not warranted attention for now. That means the purchasing power of the person increased for unwanted items and invariably end with spending on such things which are useless nor required. And those persons who have some extra money does not sleep properly and their thought run on how to spend or how to safely invest for the future. So having more money means peace not ensured.
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