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    Can we take a leaf out of forum for easy access and future use?

    Since, I've joined, I have noticed many forum threads, some are average, some are brilliant with a take home message on a social issue. As time goes by these are hidden are become less accessible and fades from our ( atleast my) memory.

    Is it worthwhile change the form of a thread after it wins the ,TOW,special prize etc. For instance the Diwali cracker thread, the current Family group discussion.

    Can the primary author or an editor or member given a chance to summarize the thread in an sequential order with pros and cons, suggestions and then a short take home message.

    This can be accessible readily and instead on scrolling through every time we can read it like an article.

    Would it be a wasted effort or could we give it a try. If it sounds good we can take it forward to work out how to actually do it.
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    I feel it is a good idea. But how much time one can spare that is the question. There are many forum threads. Some good threads can be collected and the thread and the responses can be reviewed and a summary can be written. It is a nice idea. The opinions of other people on this concept can be viewed. The thought of the editors and webmaster can be seen on the idea.
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    Natarajan, it is a good idea but I doubt whether taking up such an exercise would yield any results. I am saying this in the context that many of our members do not even go to the third or fourth page of the forum index which is why you see that many threads take a backseat with few or no answers at all. When one does not have an interest to respond to a thread that is just about two or three days old and is not active, I don't think they would be interested in digging the archives even if it is a summary of the thread and the responses.

    Partha had very recently raised a thread which brings in almost the same results, though in a different manner. Few of us did spent some time and have mentioned some of our threads which we think are best or really good. I am not sure how many members must have spared some time to go through (not to be responded being old threads) at least few of them. So, I don't think your suggestion is worth implementing. Hope my response answers your query unless you meant something else.

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    Not a bad idea and also not a good idea. Forum threads are not worth to take home. What is there in the Diwali cracker thread to carry a message home?
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    Theoretically speaking it could be done though it may not be much useful except serving as an archive. The forum discussions evolve in a sequential manner and the direction which they take depends on the subsequent contributions by the members and each set is unique. Every time similar or more ad less same threads will be floated by the members and so many sets will be generated.

    This will be a herculean task to keep a track and prepare the precis of all for future reference.

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    Thanks for your frank views, it makes sense to look at this from the other side too. Request Saji Ganesh to lock the thread.

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