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    How long does the happiness you get by showing off lasts?

    We know some people around us who finds happiness by showing off. This is what we say money can buy happiness. But I have always doubted why do people spend so much of money just to show off. Even if it makes them happy, how long will it last?

    The money you have spent is gone forever, but will the happiness that you get in turn last forever?

    Some people spend too much money on weddings, to buy cars and other luxurious, just to show off. I am not saying they should, in turn, spend this money on charity, but at least keep it aside for themselves. We never know how tomorrow will be. We might be in need of money and at that time rather than running behind people, just save this money so that you can use it later when you are actually in need of it.

    By spending too much for a wedding, others might be surprised and might talk about it for a day or two but later, people forget as they have other important things in life.

    I don't get the motive behind such an act. How do you feel about this practice and do you think the happiness we get is worth the money we spend?
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    It is true that money can't bring happiness always. We purchase cars, ornaments, and other valuables for our comfort and convenience. If we have the capacity we can own them. But we need show it to all and say that we are well off. But these are for our comfort and as long as we use them we will have that comfort. We will get the happiness by using them. But the happiness we are getting by putting show off may not last long. So it is not correct to show off but purchasing the items required for you, and using them for your convenience is not a sin. But the purchases should be from our earnings but not by taking loans.
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    Any parent who's had a child or children would know the answer to this and it is 'short-lived'. If we observe 4-5 year old who has just got a new transformer toy or a remote controlled car, we would notice a glow and pure joy in their faces and they run around showing off their new toys to their friends and neighbours.By the end of the day or the next day, their enthusiasm and joy wear off and in a few days, times the toy becomes another one in the box. Likewise, whatever people do to show off their wealth, lavish weddings, frequent foreign trips and mandatory high-end cars, one too many that lie in the garage gives a short-lived pleasure or feelgood factor that yes they are better and have achieved something.

    Being wealthy is no crime but splurging it without paying due respect to wealthy is often considered inauspicious and sometimes in villages, wise men have said showing off wealth is like bringing the evil wrath or evil eye that results in loss and suffering. It's difficult to look for a motive, maybe its a status requirement, it's to remind the rest that they are still wealthy, maybe to live life the full extent or maybe it's just how rich folks should be.The rich can have a life of luxury but they should leave behind a legacy of serving the underprivileged for which they would be fondly remembered.

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