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    Just because you are right, does not mean the other person is wrong

    Just because you are right, does not mean the other person is wrong. We need to see things from others angle too, but that is the main thing we lack these days. We think we are right and only we are right, but we will never take the extra effort to see life and things from the other person's side. He might also be right in his own way. But we do not have the time to think or to listen to him. We are just busy putting the blame or the mistake on him.

    If we were able to think from others view as well, life would be much easier and happier. Misunderstandings, quarrels, fights, enmity etc can be avoided to a great extent if we are ready to listen to what others have to say and if we are able to think from their side. I do not know why but we cannot spare time to understand facts, to listen or to think. Are we that busy or are we pretending to be busy?
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    Well said Chitra, There are many ways to skin a cat. Many times we are hell-bent on proving our point that we forget to pause, look, listen and think about the other person who could also be correct or be making sense. This is often more at the workplace or at home in a tense atmosphere or if one is having a bad day. It's also noted sometimes with the answer or a different viewpoint comes from an unexpected quarter, a junior member at work or a person with whom our relations are less than cordial. Bias towards an individual or the subject of discussion too makes us blind to other's views and reasoning.
    We need to be mature enough to put across our point, give the others ample time to present their views and have an open mind, this would increase our mutual respect for each other and promote harmony. The only downside is, in the corporate sector, if we are polite and keep accepting others views, we would be perceived as lacking authority and assertiveness.

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    A very nice post. You are right as far as you are concerned. Similarly, the other person is correct from his angle. So thinking we are only correct and the other person is wrong is not a correct attitude. The thinking may vary and no two people may think in the same way. So trying to prove another person is wrong is not a correct attitude. If we are ready to hear the point of view of the other party 90% of the problems will get solved. But we don't have that much of patience. So we always think that we are only correct and others are wrong. If we take time and try to wear the shoes of the other we will appreciate their point of view. This will certainly help to avoid misunderstandings and ill feelings.
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    Very nice thought Chitra. One should always be a good listener first and then put forward their response. One should always try to first listen to other person's aspect of anything, that would definitely help to resolve the matter.
    People today consider themselves to be correct on each and every topic. They think they contain the best opinion and they do not need anybody else's advice. Because of this, they face many problems. It is always good to listen to other people's advice. Then you can take your decision accordingly.

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    A nice posts by the authoress. I have come across situations in life when two persons are telling a correct thing in their own way but the others are feeling as if they are fighting. Both were correct in their own way but there was a problem of understanding and comprehension.

    When a person is telling a correct thing the other person first should analyze and understand what he has told. After that only he should give his comments or opinions. This can be accomplished when we are communicating in a cordial environment.

    Just because I am telling a correct thing does not mean that the other person is wrong. Until unless the communication between the two persons is complete and understandable it is not possible to decide who is correct and who is wrong.

    Knowledge is power.

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