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    India becomes the second in the Smartphone market pushing US to third

    According to the new report announced by global technology market analyst firm Canalys, India has become the second in the smartphone market just behind China. Nearly 40 million units have been shipped in the third quarter of this year which marks an 23% increase year-over-year. Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Lenovo are the top 5 vendors. Eventhough, Apple is missing from the list of top five, the company has doubled the shipments of iPhone to 900,000 in the third quarter of 2017.

    Does this development of India is for a good cause?
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    It is only an information, there is nothing to rejoice. The population of India is more than three time than that of the US. So, it is quite natural that number of smartphone users in India would be more than the number of smart-phone users in the USA.
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    It's good that people in India have more phones. What we need to understand also is the reach of social media via smartphones. A picture, a short video, a rumour can quickly go viral and disturb peace and law and order in an instance even before the police and administration can think of a response. Anyone of us can or could be recorded by anyone for an ulterior motive. The administration should have systems to regulate misuse of smartphones for disturbing communal harmony and for immoral use. People in public life and social gatherings should bear in mind that what they utter or do can be captured easily without their knowledge.
    Lastly, what a waste in revenue earned by Indian people for the foreign giants. If only we had a good end Indian company as popular as Samsung and xiaomi,

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    It is very good to note that India has become the second largest market for smartphones. Smartphone users in India are increasing. But is it an indication of development. My answer is NO. How many people in India are not able to have their meal two times a day? How many people in India are spending their time without an own house? How many people are there without even primary education? If these numbers are coming down we all can cheers that India is developed. But as long as these numbers are increasing, it is an indication of development. Rich are becoming richer. Poor are becoming further poor. Once this process stops, then we can celebrate very happily.
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    Basically it is the population that is making us at this place. At the same time as the call charges and data charges are stabilized and in fact some discounts and more data offer are there in the market, more people are able to afford these devices and certainly they are connected to the internet on the go.

    It is difficult to say whether it is a good sign or bad but definitely a good connectivity is also required for good productivity and good governance and to that extent it is a welcome news.

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    The penetration of smart phones is phenomenal in India. The affordable rates of data has made it very popular.
    India is a populous country and naturally the number of smart phones will increase here tremendously and in that respect it will have one of the top positions in the world.

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    Yes, the number of mobile / smartphone users are increasing in our country. It is in a way a welcome trend. All messages can be immediately passed to everybody within no time. But question is how many are limiting the use of mobile to this? About 50% or more time it is used for other purposes. Even when members of a family sit together they don't talk, but each concentrate in the mobile going on searching something or chatting through WhatsApp. Even the relationship between husbands and wives are not smooth in certain instances. In addition to this the camera built-in the mobile is also doing much harm. No doubt it become very useful in certain instances.
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