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    Do you feel comfortable during air travel?

    I am not a frequent traveler nowadays. Even then I travel by air at least three-four times every year. But I don't hesitate to admit that I don't feel comfortable during air travel. I especially feel uncomfortable when the plane starts moving upwards. Despite travelling by air so many times, I feel very nervous when the plane becomes air-bound. Moreover, if the plane falls in air-pocket , I get panicked. Once while coming to Delhi from Kolkata, there were lots of disturbances throughout the journey due to storm and rain. That was the most uncomfortable plane-journey for me.

    Moreover at the time of touching down, I again feel nervous, especially when there is sea nearby. At the time of touching down at Goa or Singapore, I feel that the plane would land at sea.

    Do you also feel similarly? Are you comfortable during air-journey? Members may kindly express their views on air-travel.
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    You should see the landing videos of St.Maarten island, it almost touches the water and blows off sand from the beaches! Overall, we are comfortable with air-travel. The first few flights were cautiously happy ones, we've experienced all that you've mentioned. When travelling with kids, the time spent from home to take off and from landing to reaching home is often more difficult to handle than the flights.
    We are happy except for the odd chance encounter of a less civilised fellow passenger who talks loudly over the phones, carelessly dumps luggage on your shopping bags and sometimes having to endure the plastic smiles of some staff who have a different attitude for simple looking folks as if they are ticketless travellers.

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    I do not feel discomfort during air travel except while it is landing and when the aircraft encounters turbulent zone, I always feel uncomfortable with the food they serve. My granddaughter, who is a student, travels more than me and she still feels uncomfortable while taking off and landing. She closes her eyes and starts murmuring to herself while takeoff and landing.
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    I have undertaken air travel many times in past but I was always feeling envy of the people who were sleeping around me with occasional snoring. They were so relaxed and calm as if they were sleeping in the coach in their drawing rooms.

    Not only air travel even in a car speeding more than 60-70 Km/hour I do not feel comfortable. Even when I was young and physically fit and going to the parks or theme parks I never rode the rides there. I do not know it is a childhood generated fear or something else but I never feel cozy in such situation of high speeds or accelerations.

    This thread is very special to me as I could share my fears or restlessness of mind specially in high speed situations. I remember when I took air travel first time I wanted to know the speed of aircraft while in air and while landing. I was a bit frightened when the figure were much beyond my guess.

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    Air travel is always comfortable if you are having good neck support (neck pillow)

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    I am very comfortable in air travel. During 1997 to 2016, I used to travel at least 3 to 4 times in a month on flights. During this period almost I travelled to about 10 countries 11 times. Only once while travelling to the USA via Istanbul I felt a little inconvenience. That was due to some weather problem. As mentioned by Umesh I even sleep during my air travel. But sitting too long without much movement for long ours was very boring. I remember even today almost after 20 years, I remember my first experience of air travel. I had to travel almost 80 Kilometers to reach the airport. I received my ticket from my office just 3 hours before time. I had to travel this eighty kilometres in 2 hours but not a big deal. Unfortunately, 3 railway crossings were closed. Because of this my travel delay I reached airport just 30 minutes before the time. I had to get my boarding pass and then go for the security check. For the first time experience. With all the confusion in Begumpet airport, I could reach the flight and I was the last passenger to reach the flight.
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    I am pretty much ok with Air travel. My travel timings is normally 4hrs, and I am not a person who can sleep while travelling. I get a stomach ache, if I read in a moving vehicle. When all others around me are nicely sleeping, I will be the only one staring outside in the dark. How long can you sit by staring at the clouds and if it is night then you can't even get to see the cloud. The best part I like about air travel is takeoff and landing. I just get annoyed that I have to sit idle for 4hrs when everyone else is enjoying their sleep.
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    I find it astonishing to note that except Mr. Umesh all other Members (who have responded to this thread) are more or less comfortable with air journey. Is my uncomfortable feeling due to less frequent air journey compared to others?
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    Maybe, as the more you travel you might get used to it and feel comfortable. Some people will be courageous and they do feel comfortable even if it is there initial travels. Like how we are used to the gutters in our road, we will be used to air pockets also gradually. You don't have to worry about it. There are people who get scared and nervous.
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    Mr.Partha, I think it's the inherent fear of speed or not be used to take off or landing that makes feel us uncomfortable. The other could be our concerns of safety at heights. Air travel is one of the safest means to travel. Because of the exposure it gets for a bad landing or a crash landing, it looks more vulnerable. Figures from IATA (international air transport association) quote 1 commercial jet accident/4.5 million flights (2015) which means 136 fatalities out of 3.5 billion flight journeys in 2015 (excluding two terrorist events).
    In common terms, for a common passenger to be involved in a fatal air crash, it means that X should travel 1 flight/day for 55,000 years to be involved in a fatal air crash.

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    I must admit that me too am not very comfortable with air travel. I used to travel by air twice or thrice in a year as part of my job but now it has been quite some time that I have taken a flight. I think what I disliked most about flying was the torture (for me), as Chitra said, of sitting in the same posture for a long duration with nothing to do. I don't enjoy reading while travelling and there is nothing to see while you are flying. Another thing is my inherent fear of heights. I always keep thinking as to what would happen if some mishap occurs in such heights. One particular incident that comes immediately to my mind when I think about my flying experiences is the rough landing we once had while landing at Jammu airport. It shook all of us on board and we were terrified for a moment.

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    I do not feel anxious when flying. I do prefer to take a shuteye, especially if it is an early morning flight and I had to wake up really early to make it to the airport on time. I usually take the window seat, when flying within the country. I love to see the scenery below and just love watching the cloud formations. Sometimes, especially during the monsoon season, the clouds appear eerie, but I love watching them, nevertheless.

    On long-haul flight overseas, I prefer the aisle seat, as I find them more comfortable, especially since I get up often, to walk around, to flex my joints and muscles. I watch the in-house movies or read.

    In all these years, only once did I witness air turbulence, which opened a couple of overhead storage bins. Other than that, I once travelled in an aircraft where the air conditioning was awfully cold. I had to request a blanket. It was just misting.

    And the most 'exhilarating' landing that I have experienced is landing at Kathmandu airport. It is one of the world's most difficult airports to land on and was truly an amazing experience. The passengers broke into a spontaneous applause when the flight landed safely.

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    I'm glad that you posted your reply Saji Ganesh, as mentioned in my earlier reply, most often airtravel is disliked or unpleasant because of our fear and the sick feeling in the stomach when we hit a turbuelence or a hard landing.
    Being bored or sitting in the same posture is the same we do during long bus journeys and train journeys. On a lighter vein, long bus or train rides, at least you can get down between stops!

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    I have no fear of flying. In fact I love to have a window seat and enjoy the landscapes during take offs and landings.
    Air travel is costlier but it has its own advantage and you save a lot of time in travelling.

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    For me I undertook air travel out of compulsion , when my need was urgent due to my mothers expiry and when I was in Chennai , had to rush by same evening. Under that sorrowful moment I took the first flight journey of my life. My thoughts are with tense and bad moments. People were eagerly waiting for my presence as I had to lit the funeral pyre and other things to start. So the plane journey was not at all enjoyable but what did surprise me that withing minutes I could recover that I was air borne , the air hostess announced that Hyderabad Shamshabad airport is fast approaching and to be landed. The journey was good. It hardly took 45 minutes from Chennai to Hyderabad airport. But it took 2 and half hour for me to reach the home by taxi and was the hectic journey in life as I have to reach before the sun sets.
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