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    What you do with clutter in your house?

    We are using various household items in our house from kitchen to drawing room. The market is now a days flooded with household items ranging from small utility items to big electrical and electronic gadgets.

    Under such a scenario people are sometimes purchasing various items from the market and in long run a lot of old as well as redundant appliances are accumulated in the house and we are at our wits end to arrange them in the limited space or dispose them in some way.

    One common thing in our society is to sell these items to the scrap dealer. Another common option for very old and dilapidated condition material is to throw them in the garbage. Even after that there are some items with which members of the family are attached in some way or getting a limited use of them occasionally makes disposition delayed.

    Ultimately in many households a situation of clutter strewn across the house is a common sight. As selecting the items to keep or to throw is a time taking exercise, we linger this to tomorrow and as tomorrow never comes we are stuck with these old beauties.

    What you do with clutter in your house?
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    It is true. We purchase many items and whenever a new model comes we will try to replace the old one with the new one. Sometimes we purchase the new item and give the old one to the same vendor. But sometimes the old one will also be left with us. Like these old items will get accumulated with us. So scrap items will increase in the house. These days what we started is old items we started giving to my servant maid or the driver if they want. Otherwise, we were selling them as scrap. The other items which can't even be sold as scrap will be kept near the waste material and the waste collector will come daily morning and he will take away that one also. Presently I had one Desktop which can't be used further. That is to be disposed of. I am thinking about that.
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    It is a very practical probelm in many houses. We acculmate so many items over the years that we don't want to throw it out and it keeps staying in the shed occupying space.We can keep some articles or nostalgic value or sentimental value, we still have our grandfather's old radio still in his memory. Apart from such things and peices of antique or historic value, it would be better to aviod clutter for homes with limited space.The longer it stays, the longer it takes to part with it.

    For us, space is premium, hence we keep going through our storeroom at least once a year. There would be so many items, iron boxes,packing bodes,old grinders, we even had our first candle water filter. Then comes books,clothes, old suitcases. Items that are useful or can be fixed, we give it to the maids,kids cycles and play toys we ask the working staff or security guys if it would be of use, they take it off. Other kitchen items that go off for the exchange schemes (nowadays good companies come to the residential complexes and take these items off us for a little discount on a new purchase.Newspapers and magazines go to the recycling ladies who make paper bags for disposing waste. School books often go to younger kids within the family mostly. Rest of the books other items go for scrap collection.

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    True, the market is dumped with many items in the attractive manner to the customers. As a business man he is correct but the responsibility is in the hands of customer/consumer whether the thing is essential or not. In many houses unused products are dumped and kept idle for many period. They forget to add essential ones but bought the items already have in the house. Newer ones can be replaced older ones. But in some houses the essential items also kept unused because of ego in some house persons.

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    As we start accumulating new things for the family and daily use, we wont get rid of the old one and thus new and old things remain in the kitchen. For example knife for dicing the vegetables has been brought in different size and shapes but we wont discard the old one. Like wise we buy new utensil for daily use and want to get rid of old ones. But in the process the old one also stays in the rack. Invariably the house holds feels that every item in the home is useful and why should that be discarded or destroyed and in the process the clutter get accumulated and one fine morning we end up with total cleaning process.
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    Clutter is an eyesore. I personally like to have everything in place, so my home does not look untidy.

    I have this practice of giving away items that I have no use of and that inadvertently occupy space, especially when I bring in a new piece. If I buy a new food processor, I make sure I give away the old one. If I buy a new outfit, I make sure I give away something stashed in my cupboard. This ensures that I have only what I need. I do not keep unnecessary stuff lying around, in the hope that I might need it one day.

    But, I do have a lot of old stuff, including part of a dinner set and a full coffee set that belonged to my mother. They are antiques now, and I use them as décor pieces, in the kitchen and dining room. Each piece has the year of manufacture and company name embossed at the back. They have yellowed with age, but are still serviceable. Likewise, I have other old things that I keep for sentimental value, but they are still useable. Like a leather and velvet 'batua' (purse) that belonged to my mother, before she got married. I still use it, occasionally. I have bed covers that are over fifty years old; mom brought them out only on special occasions. They still look new; no one believes they are that old. I have a penchant for preserving things. I have her saris, from the time she got married. I have a gramophone player that belonged to my father-in-law and my husband's great grandmother's treasure chest and one belonging to my grandmother.

    You must know what to throw away and what to keep.

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