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    Addiction of social media

    A habit which when starts interfering with daily activities and starts exerting negative effects becomes an addiction. Spending too much time on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc is also an addiction. Today usage has become so excessive and heavy that it is interfering with many aspects of life. This is the reason that it has become a subject of discussion. Medically however, its excessive use is not categorized under any disease or disorder.

    In this sort of addiction, individuals are compelled to use social networking sites more than required. They regularly check status updates, stalk others profiles, read random tweets and comments from known or even from strangers etc. It has become such a damaging act that it has started hampering other activities. This kind of craving is stronger and is affecting more number of individuals when compared with individuals suffering from alcohol and tobacco addictions. Social networking companies work hard to make their sites as addictive as possible to increase the number of users on their sites.

    Following are the signs which demonstrate that an individual is obsessed with social networking sites and suffer from an addiction. Urge increases to be on social sites as much as possible, irrespective of whether an individual has some spared time for it or not. One wants to check each and every update, each and every post etc. This kind of checking is done every few minutes and some even prefer to leave pages of such social networking sites open in background so that they can use them every now and then. Usage increases to such an extent that an individual even go to such sites in-between non-interactions. An individual becomes preoccupied with checking and responding on such sites. This in turn will lead to over sharing. This kind of over sharing will then bring regrets as sometimes individual tends to share all such things which need not be shared. When an individual do not get to use such sites, he becomes stressed and annoyed. Sometimes there may be problem with networks, devices or sites itself. This kind of withdrawal which if experienced even for few minutes will make him depressed and sad.

    Though addiction of social media may not sound very serious, but if looked deeper then one can analyze that it is way beyond than our imagination.

    This is an entry for TOW contest of the week- Addiction.
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    These days people of all ages spending major time on social media. Even some people have more than one accounts and they spend a lot of time on this sites. Especially youth is completely getting addicted and wasting their time. An intermediate student who is not even completed 16 years of age instead of concentrating on his studies spending a lot of time on these sites. He is making fool of himself. Sometimes they are creating unnecessary problems. The adolescents are developing the friendship with unknown persons and getting into troubles. So we should not allow our children to get addicted to these sites. We should not allow our children even to have accounts on Facebook. Otherwise, they are getting trapped into waste friendships and running into problems and putting their families also into problems. My good advice to all the parents not to give the smartphone to their children who are still in studies. Otherwise, their life will get ruined unnecessarily.
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    Yes, it is true. We are today highly addicted of this social media and most of our time we are wasting in that. Just chatting with friends and commenting irrelevantly here and there and liking something and browsing the half fake and half true information is not a creative activity.

    This is a peculiar addiction and the whole generation is after it. It is only after some time that we realize how much time we have wasted for these unmeaningful activities. Let us analyze who is being benefited by our actions in social media. It is mainly the big companies like google or you tube or facebook who are minting money by earning revenue from companies by way of advertising for them. The user is simply wasting his hard earned money by paying to the telecom service provider.

    In essence these are the business models of some big companies earning handsome revenues.

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    Yes, I am addicted to social media especially to Facebook. I actually will have nothing to post but still whenever I see my phone, I feel like logging in to Facebook. I think it is the first thing I will do when I am bored. As soon as I reach home, I have to check my Facebook, just scrolling down gives me happiness. Now I am trying to reduce its use and I have diverted my attention to ISC.

    There are many people like me or even worse when it comes to addiction to social networking sites. The trolls, videos, posts etc shared on these sites makes it more attractive and people tend to get addicted to it. It will cause harm to our eyes and also we are wasting our time on these sites by just being online for no use.

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    Yes, to some extent I am also addicted to Facebook. I am specially attracted to the various interesting video clips of animal behavior or strange events or something which is funny.
    It is not that it is shear wastage of ones time. If a person is using it for a limited time it is a great source of information and a great way to chat with your school fellows who are settled in far of places.
    Facebook is big platform and some people are after this to maintain it in the servers and update this program to remove bugs and other shortcomings and with time it is continuously improving. These people earn revenue only through advertisements and are not taking any fee or subscription from us to use it.

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    Very true, I think we have reached a point where in we have to ration the access to social media for ourselves and our children. Social media which started as an interesting concept now has become the bane of family and professional life. I remember as kids, sitting at home and having dinner with all of us together,sometimes father would be late from work but rarely we would eat alone. Now,even at our home, I've seen a total turn where in we have to be reminded to detach ourselves and sit at the dining table at least 3-4 days a week.

    It's most embarrassing when relatives or friends come home, the moment we start talking, children quietly slip off and get into their tabs and mobiles. Just imaging the continuous flow of useless information on social media except few important messages and alerts.

    I think, it is probably what the designers wanted exactly, get us hooked and then make us purchase devices or look at ads. I think we should consciously limit the time on social media and the moment we have to pay for social media sites and app like we pay our electric bills, our usage also would come down.

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    Completely agree with the author, people today are highly addicted to social networking sites. They want to check the status updates every now and then. Some people try to stay connected through Facebook. But for most of them, it has become a source of showing off their lifestyle. Whatever people do, they just take selfies, capture those moments and upload them on facebook. Be it they are praying, or even making food sometimes, they just want to show it off. A few days back I was looking at some of the pictures my relatives were sharing in the family group, and it consisted of pictures which were taken during the prayers. Do not understand the need of such excessive usage of watsapp or even facebook. Everybody is just faking it.
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    Anything that is used more than required becomes an addiction. If properly used then social media can be used as a revolution. Instead these sites have just become mere wastage of time. We today want to disclose anything and everything we are going through. This kind of oversharing will get us into trouble. We are wasting our energy as well as precious time on these sites without even realizing that if energy and time are used for right reasons and in right places can bring so much of positive changes in the world.

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