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    Incredible India: Shetpal village of Maharashtra

    If you visit this village, be very very careful! Although two thousand five hundred villagers don't bother.

    Yes, this is is Incredible India! It is Shetpal village in Solapur district of Maharashtra, located at a distance of 200 km from Pune. The villagers are perfectly friendly with the most venomous snakes of India. These snakes roam freely in the village. Nobody in the village bothers about these snakes. Children play with these snakes. And astonishingly, there has not been even a single case of death due to snake-bite in this village. Every village home has a resting place called 'devasthan' meaning resting place of Gods-for the cobras. Each house has resting places preferably in the hollow spaces in the ceiling where these reptiles rest.

    There is a Siddheshwar Temple in the village. Villagers believe that the deity has the power to cure snake bites. Victims (from outside the village) are brought to this Temple and left in the sanctum sanctorum for cure. The Temple has a copper image of a seven-hooded cobra over the idol of Lord Shiva.

    Incredible India!
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    It is very nice to hear. This is astonishing that the children play with cobras and other variety of snacks.It is also nice to know that every house is having a resting place for the snakes.
    In East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, there is a village known as Mallavaram. In that village, there is a temple of Shiva. Every day morning one snake used to come to that place and get rounded around the Shiva linga and used to give darshan to the pilgrims. The couples who don't have children used to visit this place and perform pooja to the Shiva and the snake and used to have children. It continued for many days. Later on, the snake died. But still, people visit and perform pooja. The people visit this place will have children in a very short time. Every Mahasivaratri day very big procession will be there. Many people will visit the place from neighbouring villages and get the blessings of Lord Shivas and Lord Subrahmanya.
    Really Incredible India.

    always confident

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    As always, amazing information Mr.Partha.It's difficult to even to think, families, children living side by side with snakes.I don't think any of us would be brave to have a resting place for snakes in our homes. Has anyone found or looked into like a documentary, if we can live harmoniously with snakes, then there could be lessons to be learnt as for how not to provoke them or why these snakes are comfortable with human presence. Given the temple of Lord Shiva, this is one more example of a higher power. Fascinating to hear that snake victims are left in the temple to be cured. God bless them.

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