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    Are we too soft on psychopaths(rapists) in India?

    Everyone one of us would have felt sad, disgraced or helpless when we hear a crime that has affected an unfortunate fellow Indian whose only fault is or was to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The papers, channels, day in and day out are screaming with headlines of the most heinous crimes. I don't think any crime can be worse than raping an innocent school going child, a mother or a senior citizen. The social, emotional and psychological impact of such dastardly is unimaginable.

    Are we Indians being too kind hearted and forgiving? making it easy for these psychopaths? Do we need a reform in our police and legal system like capital punishment? Death penalty at least for a few years to curb this menace.
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    Yes, we are too soft on the rapists. We try to find definite proof of rape. We ask terrible uncomfortable and insulting questions to the victim during the process of investigation and court proceedings. The society pressurises the victim instead the offender.
    We must adopt some medieval punishment methods to treat the offenders to discourage possible offenders to commit this heinous crime. Unfortunately I can't mention some of these punishments in this site.

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    Yes, even I too feel that we are too soft on rapists. How many cases are being reported, it will be in news for few days and then everyone forgets and actually forgives. This attitude of ours is actually promoting rapists. They know that nothing is going to happen to them so they continue to do such perverted things. Rapists should be given capital punishment without any mercy at all. Only then people will learn and be scared of raping someone.
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    It is 100% correct. We are very soft on rapists. In some of the counties, I heard, if anybody rapes a female, he will be killed on the road by the Government. By doing this they are making the public aware that it is a serious crime. But in our country, it is the other way round. Every day when we see a newspaper definitely atleast one such incident will be there. We will read it and forget. This attitude is giving way to more and more such crimes. The victim has to go to police station and report. Then they will make an FIR and investigate and arrest the culprit and present him to the court. He will obtain bail and freely roam on the road. The case will go on further like that for years together. Finally, police will not make the case strong and the culprit will be released and he will be ready for the next crime. This is the fate in our country. The sufferer will be suffering only and the sinner will be enjoying his life. This system should change an open punishment at the earliest will bring in some sense in the other people. So Government should think in that lines and bring a rule accordingly.

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    I think mobile internet along with lack of moral responsibilities in politicians is the main reason for so many heinous crimes happening in India today. As we can't stop technological advances, we can't stop mobile internet. The only thing to stop such crimes is to bring strong laws. But in India, most of such crimes are happening with political backing. Otherwise, how can a political leader openly say that men make mistakes and for that they should not be hanged. Even a ward member's son is not afraid of police even if he commits a crime. Politicians think that they are above law. This mindset has to change.

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    The public and media may be furious over a rapists and his dirty acts. And when it comes to court and action to be taken there, the supporters for the rapist emerges from no where and thus the case takes U turn and even evidences and proofs are provided that the rapist was innocent and done the act out of ignorance and be pardoned for once in life. This kind of arguments also gets support in social media and thus the rapist who is supposed to get great punishment, ends up with small chiding and even let off with simple advise. So the laws must be made strict and the rules must be same for all. There should not be any compromise.
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    Good replies,we all agree that laws should be much more firm and should support the victim and bring the culprit to justice quickly instead of letting him go scott free.

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    I agree that we are too soft on rapists, just 7 year punishment is nothing for such a crime which leaves lifelong imprint on the mind of victim.
    Instead of heavy punishment for the rapists our society tries to make victim a convict by finding faults of her behavior, dressing sense and all other rubbish things . Instead of boycotting the criminal our society makes the living of the surviving victims difficult.
    Even few politicians like Mulayam singh give speeches criticizing victims and promoting such criminals from the public forum. For such crimes the punishment should be like the Arabian countries who have very harsh laws.
    Even Public shaming, death penalty seems to be less for such crimes.

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