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    What is your view on workplace romance?

    This is almost a taboo. In some private organisations, this is prohibited. In some offices, it is discouraged. In many cases, employees involved in romantic relationship with their colleagues are forced to leave the organisation. In some offices, HR department specifically forbids employees about entering this type of relationship at the time of their joining.

    Although Government rule books are silent about workplace romance, the Officers frown upon such relationship because such relationship may cause unexpected problems for the organisation.

    Even then, such relationship happens. In Government offices, we have noticed such relationship. In private sector it is more frequent. In IT sector, it is most prominent. Even extra-marital relationship develops causing problems for the organisations.

    Members! Please express your views about this phenomenon of workplace romance. What are the advantages and problems associated with such romance? From administrative point of view, how should such cases be dealt with?
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    In some companies, there is a rule that husband and wife can't work in the same organization. In some places, no one from the blood relation is allowed to work. This policy is maintained for the safety of the organization. In such companies, if a person falls in love with other, one of them have to leave the organization and find another job, They should be prepared for that as they already know the rules in their organization. To find your soul mate, the place is not a barrier, hence you can find someone at your workplace too but you should be ready to face the consequences of it. In a workplace, it is mandatory to follow their rules.
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    These days romance at the workplace has become a common issue in many government and private offices. When I was doing my PhD. there was a professor in the Engineering college. He was a good intellectual with a very good name outside. But he was a bad teacher. He was having an extramarital affair with his personal assistant. Both of them are used to enjoy the life in the office itself. They were seen in neighbouring towns many times. Even I have also noticed then travelling together to a nearby town on Saturday and night and back on Monday morning.
    In private office generally, if any such kind of affairs come out they will be sent out of the job. If they are employees by doing outside romance company may not bother. But if it is happening in the office definitely they will be removed from the job.

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    What I would say is - Have love, have romance, but not in the workplace. Have it in your heart and show it or perform it outside the workplace. Never exhibit your love in the public. Love and romance should be secure and secret. Let your boss not know what you are doing. He might feel and envy you. In Tamil there is a saying , Idam-Portul-Aeval arinthu seyalpadu. (Know the place, know the thing and know the surrounding before you act)
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    A very interesting and slightly away from the routine threads this one and I congratulate the author to bring in it for a healthy discussion here.
    We are humans and one of our conspicuous trait is attraction for opposite sex. It is natural and there is no denying for that. Now when students are studying in a class or same school or people are serving in same organisation and sometimes same division of office it is natural that such attractions may take place.
    In most of the cases such things do not see the happy end as these sometimes flow in a indecisive and confusing channel. One person may be going ahead thinking it as a romance while the other one may only be treating is him a colleague or good friend or say close friend. Many times the other person may be testing the aggressive one for sake of fun and at the concluding moments the aggressive one is badly hurt.
    So yes, workplace romance exists but it is not the cup of tea of every one. It has its dire consequences also and many people just repent on their misunderstandings rather to enjoy this subtle romance.

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    Love in life, certainly not at the work place. Falling love with the really understanding people of the life is the general phenomenon and that is happening to those who are easily fall in prey to others. When the thinking line, the way of behavior , the usage of words and even the life style matches with one another in many ways, a close bonding takes place which cannot be valued nor discarded. That is called the love at the work place. Even I was affected with this. When I worked in Delhi for five years, I was very much closely attracted to a girl employee and our attention between each other was so much intense that we would say many things by actions and sign languages much to the surprise of other employees. Even today I get goose bumps on that best understanding that girl had about me which I cannot forget nor mention.
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    We spend a good part of our time in day sleeping and followed by working. Many work in shifts, odd hours and night duties for a stretch. It's human nature to sparkle a romance at work or for married people to think in that direction. Many times, it starts as a platonic friendship in the offices, a physical attraction or a vulnerable individual who is in a troubled relationship or family already. Many intelligence agencies and corporate handling sensitive data and high exposure often shun on romance at workplace. Like Mohan sir has said, such events can be misunderstood and give room for gossip.
    I think what two grown ups do is entirely up to them, it should not interfere with office work and their own families. So if someone decides to get into office romance, they should know the rules, express their views of commitment and marriage and start a new life, people should not start a romance that destroys already existing families.

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    Since the mingled gender workmen and staff are found high in many organisations, the possibility of romance is also in high ratio. But most cases are not real in nature but only infatuation. Mere prohibition cannot succeed in preventing or reducing the possibilities of romance. Unless otherwise the self ethics there the possibilities never get reduced. In one organisation, I have seen two such incidents and as they got married, the management made one of them transferred to its group concern to avoid gossip and in another case the lady given up her job after marriage. So the people of an organization should keep their relationship in the fraternity way but with good ethics.

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    Members have expressed their valuable opinions on the issue. I also want to know what should be the Incharge of Administration Division of a Govt. office do if there is a case of workplace romance in his office (and that too an extra-marital affair)? Should I counsel them first?
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    All are human beings including the personnel working in the Administration division of Govt. offices. They are not exempted from love or romance. They should ensure that the love or romance in the workplace doesn't hamper the work. Such romantic pairs should be given enough councelling and warning as per rules, and shun them if they continue with their romantic affair inside the office walls. No mercy to people who do romance in a public place.
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    This thread is gradually dying a natural death. However, there are many issues required to be discussed in this context. What should be the ideal way of dealing wih such cases by Administration Division? What should be the colleagues' role? How to handle the family-members of the partners? How to prevent complaint of harassment if there is difference of opinion betweeen the two? Should the two be advised to do whatever they like outside office and not in the office?

    But the responses have not touched thesee aspects.

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