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    Addiction of watching idiotic things on idiot box

    A television often known by the name idiot box as it ends up wasting our time while we keep watching idiotic things which don't have any relevance. Though it is not totally idiotic because there are lot of good things about it like getting news around the world, documentaries, health-related topics, debates and campaigns even few TV serials depicting real-life stories are also very good but a viewer doesn't get addicted to these things he tends to attracted by idiotic things some of them are as explained below.
    These idiotic things include shows where few strangers are kept inside a house (eg- big boss, big brother) and shows where few tasks are given in on the name of assessment of personality ( like Roadies) or shows based on adventurous task like where contestant is made to do difficult tasks and disgusting things in the name of adventure( Khatro k Khiladi) have become best source for money making programs for producers and investors in the TV industry. For such shows, they don't have to put many efforts because they know that no matter what they will show viewers are going to watch it in the name of "reality".
    I don't know how much reality these shows have, but one thing is sure that these shows show nothing good and just makes people addicted towards them and fills viewer's mind with worthless fights, bad words, abusive language, and skepticism. And a viewer knows that watching such program is a total waste of time and he/she is not going to gain anything but still keeps watching these shows in that idiot box and keeps becoming an idiot and addicted to the irrelevant things these shows are feeding in his/her conscious and subconscious mind.
    This addiction of watching idiotic things on idiot box is prevalent among all age groups whether children, teenagers, and elders despite their ages they like to watch these meaningless fights on the name of reality shows and then sympathizing towards any one character and blaming others perceiving it like reality. Such programs are affecting everyone but especially children very badly as they tend to watch these programs to support their favorite celebrity but end up wasting hours watching these shows which they can utilize in any knowledge gaining activity or adding things to their creativity. They can use the same idiot box for knowledge gaining purpose but most people affected by this addiction of idiot box's idiot programs never likes good knowledge sharing shows as they seem boring to them.
    As we can't blame a TV show or its owner for showing any content because they will win the argument by saying that they are only showing things which viewers like to watch. But we as a careful and responsible citizen should try to locate any of such addicts of these idiotic shows and make them understand the impact of these shows and how they can utilize their time to be wasted on these shows in something creative. You can easily find such addict around you even in your family and if you are among one of them be careful and understand how badly you are wasting your time.
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    There are many people who are completely addicted to watching TV. The percentage more in females. There are many commercial channels today. The daytime viewers will be housewives majority. So all TVs plan serials during this time. Retired employees who will be spending their lives in the house also watch these serials. There are many reality shows by name but very unreal. The youth both males and females get attracted towards these more. They get addicted to watching these shows. There is an old couple in our relative circle. Both of them watches all the serials. They are so addicted that by any chance one of them goes out of the station and can't watch the TV on that day, the other one will make a call in the night and fully explain how the show went off. The serial part telecasted on that day will be narrated on phone word to word. Then only this man will go out and will have food. This is real and not exaggerating. You believe, one day the wife stayed in our house for the night. Her husband phoned up and explained her the part of serial telecasted on that day. That is the level of addiction. But slowly the trend is changing viewers are reducing.
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    Once upon a time, the television was a luxury with DD1, DD2, 1 regional channel etc. Life was peaceful those days.We used to love and wait for 'The world this week' an informative weekend program or Chithrahar. Slowly the viewers and the industry have successfully converted a good info-entertainment unit to the 'idiot box'.

    Today, there are like hundreds of channels, even to get a single wholesome decent news channel you have to change twenty different ones. There are mega serials in every language that show jealousy, illicit relationships which in area where people are not educated, can, in fact, encourage them as many are addicted to TV serials.

    I think it's up to us to filter the content and cut down on the time that we spend here so that 'idot box' can once more become a TV.

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    A very relevant thread from Ms. Joshi. But how can this habit be checked? Fortunately I have not developed this habit. But I see thousands of people are addicted to this ''idiot box''. When the serial business first started, people became so much addicted to serials, they used to become so irritated when they received unannounced visitors (at that time there was no mobile phone-so no system of advance intimation). This tradition still continues.
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    Addiction to idiotic things on a telivision is very common among a lot of people. The best example you can take here is the daily soaps that they show. Be it the channel star plus or zee tv, mothers are always occupied in that stuff. They always show stupidity of a person's life. Life is going from here to there for them. Inspite of knowing that it is completely useless stuff, they still like to watch it. Big boss I find as a show where everybody plays politics.
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    Who says television is a idiot box. In fact it is a information galore box and that should be put into use wisely. Who is asking the house holds to watch daily sop opera of series which as the story line of more than two husbands and more than two wifes concept. These stories disturb the tranquil families and the minds of house holds gets disturbed. Instead they should watch such channels which give then information on various issues of past. The Epic channel, the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel and travel channel are some which give more information on new things than worst series on personal character demeaning. So blame the households and not the television in this matter,
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    The Television was meant for entertainment, it was supposed to be used when we were free but now the situation is totally turned. True to the author's observation, it has become such an addiction in certain households that, forget about of free time, it has consumed every bit of your time. You try to do other kinds of stuff after watching the television.

    We don't watch serials in our household, we do watch movie together during holidays but not serials or reality shows. We have many visitors in our house, they are free to come to our house any time of the day. I have seen some families, where they don't switch off Television when people visit their house. It looks rude when families do that. They do get annoyed when people visit them during their favorite TV shows.

    Very few people watch Discovery channel or Animal Planet though it has very good information.

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    I agree that certain people have become addicted to watching serials on TV. Earlier, when I was a child Doordarshan was the prominent TV channel and a Malayalam movie was telecast on it every Sunday. The full family members will be ready to watch that movie together. It was so much of fun then. But now, hardly we all sit together to watch a movie. But yea at times I see people addicted to serials. If it is giving some valuable information to them I would have been ok with it. But these TV soap operas are just exploiting the viewers. Sorry to say but at times the stories are useless. It is high time we understand it and act accordingly rather than getting addicted to it.
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