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    An addiction to take selfies from the smartphone!

    As taking the selfie from the smartphone is the modern trend not only for youth it became a habit of taking selfies different sections of the people even celebrities and politicians.But in youth, it became the addiction for them as they want to take different snapshots of their moments irrespective of the situation they are in as they want to post them on social websites.As we see in the newspaper as there are so many selfie deaths apart from the general deaths.I appeal to the youth who is an addiction to selfies. Life is having lots of snapshots but due to selfie deaths, we are capturing only a few and we are giving only a sorrow moment for the parents.
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    A good post. Earlier many threads were posted on this subject. These days no life without a smartphone. Everyone will have a smartphone in their hand. Everybody thinks that they are very big and feel that they have achieved a lot. Boasting himself is the order of the day. Taking a selfie and posting it on Facebook, Instagram and other websites is the latest trend. So it has become an addiction only. When you read a paper a selfie, when you eat a selfie, when you cry a selfie and when you dance a selfie. For each and every action selfie is the reaction. When you go to a place to enjoy the nature, you can take a photograph of the same. But we will take selfie only. What is there in the selfie. Your own face. What is so great in it. What you have achieved. These are the questions one has to ask himself before going for this self-praising deeds. Many youths are unnecessarily losing their life while going for these selfies. The elders should teach the youth about the values and ethics of life but not the culture of selfies.
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    Many blogs and newspaper articles have now renamed 'Selfies' to 'Killfies'. In fact, one of them said that every pinic or tourist spot should have a list of Killfie spots that say take a killfie and get killed. This sound like a stark warning. Hope things change for good.
    This is a deathly addiction where selfies have proven efficient in cruelly converting a happy moment to a moment of death. We have seen or heard so many inappropriate selfies of people in compromising positions, I was saddened to see a selfie of a person at a funeral, it was disgusting.
    One good thing is at least with the awareness of so many deaths, slowly people will change.

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    Capturing moments especially those which are precious will help to seal those moments forever in the form of snapshots or selfies. But don't you agree that we cannot multitask. If we are busy in taking selfies then we are missing out the moment that is right in front of us. Instead of being part of that moment and capture it forever in our minds and memory, we keep clicking photos and selfies and thereby we miss out everything around us.

    Lack of attention and mere carelessness is driving people to capture selfies in those places which is making them embrace their death. Instead of showing show much of carelessness, it is better to remain attentive and value life.

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    Reena has mentioned an important point. "attention'. At these places, the atmosphere and mood are joyous and everyone is happy and chatting. Most people are exuberant and hence let their guard down. The makes them less attentive to the potential dangers. Before Selfies, we would get one member of the group to take many pictures and request a fellow tourist to take one or two snaps with all of us present in the frame. This would be safer and why not follow it again now?

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    True, some people are addicted to take selfies on smartphones. With the advent of selfie stick, the job has become much more easier and better. I think certain people are also addicted to taking selfies and posting it on social networking sites. They just want to see the number of likes they get. I have always thought, why these sites does not have an unlike button. People are not bothered about the situation, area where they are standing etc before taking selfies. They just want to click simply, or when they see a nice backdrop.
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