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    What is the real meaning of Destiny?

    We can see many things, apparently impossible, accomplished by many. The life is so creative to choose things, conditions for you to work upon, work under and the character you forged out of it marks your destiny, I guess. Destiny is really a confusing thing sometimes. Does it depend on responses you give to each and every situation to reach a certain milestone that God wants you to achieve? Or destiny is already marked and you have to roll over it. walk over it. without the slightest hint of what's coming next? I don't know if it makes sense to have everything sorted out for you by someone. Are we chosen for something that God himself cannot accomplish but wants us to do before time gets up? Sometimes the concept of sci-fi movies makes sense having a parallel universe in which we are guiding ourselves from a different point of time and space through some indications but then we should keep aside the existence of our gut feeling, maybe. There are lots of notions we can complicate our mind with or rather fascinate with. We can't have any definite meaning but we can surely interface one with another, one philosophy with another, one observation with another to give it a real existence, a reality.
    If destiny is merely a journey then we have to figure out when we have to wait to enjoy the view of the landscape and when to drive full throttle. If it's an experience then we have to be ready to encounter numerous emotions and get to know those that exist and some that are yet to be found. If it is a pleasure then can we make ourselves far from discomfort that's the question?
    I don't know if destiny is in my hand or others? If I am a player or a game changer?
    Do comment.
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    Yes, destiny is created by us. Every time we respond to something, every time we accomplish something in the form of task, we create a destiny for ourselves. No one has sorted out anything for us. God is not the one who decides our destiny. It is us who write our own destiny.

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    Destiny is one which decides the outcome and the path also. We are instrumental in doing the work. We plan, we execute and we will finish the task as per the plan and we will accomplish the success. We feel we have done everything right and we achieved the goal. Sometimes we plan and execute the work. The result may not be in line with our expectations. Both the works we have only done. The success or failure is completely dependent on our efforts. We always put our best efforts. but sometimes we may fail. The end result along with the way you follow is pre-decided and the same thing will follow. In Bhagavadgita, Lord Krishna says that you don't think that you are killing all these people. All of them are already getting killed by me. You are only instrumental in carrying out my instructions. They are destined to die through you. This is the concept I have on this subject.
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    Your destiny is your own fate written on your pate which cannot be altered, changed, removed, modified, deleted and erased. Whatever has to happen that will happen without fail. Destiny is like an unknown destination that we reach knowingly or unknowingly.
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    Life is a strange journey in time and there is no coming back. Many incidents and activities are continuously going to happen or undertaken during this one way travel and what we try to do may not bring the intended results and many times what we have not even dreamt is thrown in our lap just like that. It means there are many unknowns and many mysteries which the modern thinking or modern science has to unravel.

    There is a saying - man proposes God disposes. It means we may think ourselves very intelligent or knowledgeable but many times it does not happen the way we think. So in nutshell we do not know our future and naturally we can not predict it.

    We do not know our future but there will be many actions and life elements for us there. That is destiny.

    There are many religions and cults and theories in the world which boast that they can foretell the future and tell about ones destiny. I have doubts on the efficacy of those methodologies as destiny is about something which has not happened so far. No one can predict it with certainty as there are so many factors rather say immense factors which effect the future course and incidents in many many myriad ways.

    Knowledge is power.

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