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    Crossing the half-century mark!

    After batting sometime steadily, sometime precariously on the treacherous pitch of life, today I am crossing half-century mark. On this day, looking back I find that most of my mentors have left the mortal world. Only my parents are still there. Even today they guide me. But on this day I find that my life has changed a lot.

    Even two years before, on this day I used to plan what I should do during the coming year. This year I have not done this. I am planning for my daughter. I am thinking what she should do on the coming years.

    On her seventeenth birthday (which she shares with me) I have been telling her to be determined, to have a goal and work sincerely to achieve her goal. On this day, I am praying for her success in life.
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    Wish you a very Happy Birthday Partha. May the Almighty bless with you with good health, wealth and happiness! Crossing the half century mark does call for special celebration.

    Please do convey our best wishes to your daughter also on her birthday. (I missed it out earlier).

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    Best wishes and happy birthday Mr.Partha, Fifty and fighting fit in ISC congratulations. Yes in the journey of life we progress because of mentors good (family,teachers,friends) and bad (indirectly motivates us to do better) and with every mile stone, we learn, mature, forgive, forget and make new acquaintances to learn more.

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    Wishing you well on your birthday. May you be blessed with health, good fortune and wisdom to stand up for what is right.

    Best wishes to your daughter as well. Yes, goals are most important and you do well in advising her to remain focused. Children need encouragement. Do not worry about her. She will carve a niche for herself. Just let her live her dreams, unhindered. In doing so, you will provide her with all the power that she needs to remain determined and overcome all obstacles. I wish her well.

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    Happy Birthday Partha Sir. God bless you and wish you all the happiness in the world. Hope you achieve everything that you wish for.

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    Partha, Wish you many many happy returns of the day. May God bless with health, wealth and fortune in your coming years. Convey my best wishes to your daughter on her birthday. As an elderly person, you can advise your daughter based on her interest. Definitely, she will be successful in her life with your able guidance. I wish God will help her in all her future endeavours.
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    Wishing you and your daughter a very happy and joyful birthday. God bless you for all your dreams to come true in future.

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    Wish you both Partha and Kumari Partha - Many happy returns of the day. May God bless you to make a century.
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    I sincerely than all Members who have wished my daughter and myself on our (common) birthday.
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    Happy birthday Mr. Partha and also convey my wishes to your daughter. May God bless you both abundantly.
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    My best wishes and happy birthday to you. It is great feeling that I am among one of the beneficiaries of your fierce writing and sharing in this site. I always like those who raise threads here which becomes a source of sharing some thoughts from our side. Glad that you are using this forum section wisely and productively.

    Coming to your half century accomplishments, surely you must be thanking your parents, your stars, your luck factor and above all your own abilities which brought you name and fame and also able recognition at the office and thus there could be some challenging as well as sweetest moments in life. Having finished 50 years in your life, you can pen down and share such moments with us as that would be a guiding spirit for the young ones who are following you. On this great occasion I pray to the God to bless you with all pending wishes and keep you hale and healthy.

    K Mohan
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    Wish you a very happy half century milestone and I want to mention that this is the age group during which most of us have a great turning point in our life. Some of us feel that we are now on the other side of fence and probably people will be treating as a senior or old person.

    During this age group many of us start thinking of spirituality and religion in a new perspective and are appearing to be becoming more mature to this arena.
    Anyway this is a general thing and I know people like you will never be old but just wanted to share the effect of age on us with time.

    Wishing you a glorious another 50 years. Best of luck.

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    Many happy returns of the day to you and your daughter on this very special occasion. Turning 50 is an important milestone in life. I am yet to experience. The glorious performer that you have been in ISC, wishing you many more such glorious years to come. If willing, let us know which stream your daughter has chosen for her future career. As it stands, my son is 2 years short of turning 17. Your input will be most helpful to parents like me.
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    Belated Birthday Wishes to you Mr. Partha and also to your dear daughter. God bless you both!!

    May GOD bless you both with many more fruitful and blessed years ahead.

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    Mr. Dhruv: My daughter is studying Bio-Science.

    Sincere thanks to all Members for their wishes.

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