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    Do we often forget to see the larger picture?

    Many times we do things based our sense of right or wrong, based on the situation, based on our obligations and commitment at work. Similarly we argue or debate or get angered for certain issues which we realize later on that it was trivial.

    We argue with the rickshaw driver if he doesn't give back small change, if he refuses our trip, the same with cabs who do surge pricing or cancel bookings. At work, there may be many issues that we are not comfortable and we decide to take it head on and argue with colleagues or supervisors with whom we have to keep working. When the cashier at the checkout counter does not acknowledge us when we are in a hurry to leave, we exchange a few harsh words.
    In all this we forget that we leave unhappy, our mood becomes foul and the rest of day becomes unpleasant. Sometimes unknown to us, we make our own lives at work or home difficult because we focus of small issues and forget the larger picture. Do you agree?
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    Natarajan, A good thread. It will happen many times. We show unrest and we lose a lot. If we give one rupee extra the auto fellow may take us to the destination in time and totally our expenditure will be less. But we never think this. We will argue and send the auto off. We will go for a taxi at a high price. Ultimately what happened. You have paid more than what rickshaw fellow asked. No saving in time. But we have created an unhealthy situation with the auto fellow. Tomorrow by any chance you call him, he may not even respond to you.
    When our boss does one or two small mistakes we will try to highlight them and try to argue with him. Ultimately he will be unhappy with you. If he is able to see a small mistake in your work he will take your life out and he will spoil your performance review report. So when we take an action we should keep the larger picture in mind always and attack the issue. Otherwise ultimately you will be a looser.

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    even though only one reply, I've selected it because he's given two wonderful practical examples, especially the boss, why risk our career trying to point out his/her mistakes.

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    True. I agree with the author. The small fights we pick up in the morning has the ability to spoil our entire day. We might not think about the after effects it might have on us when picking up the fight.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    After reading this post my thoughts gone to the ways and behavior of families of such a community which members are very much business minded from the childhood itself and they make saving of every paisa on daily basis and when it comes to marriage they make extravagant and they wont mind. But on daily basis they would take maximum work from the workers and employees and wont even allow them to take leave. Such was their attitude towards every one that they want to save money and time always at the cost of harassing others. But what is the use, one day they are going the spend those hard earned money like water.
    K Mohan
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