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    Can individuals consistently shine in a team? How does it affect team morale?

    In the modern corporate world and the world of sports, its often team work and teams are highly competitive and they strive harder to achieve targets and success. But, in a team often one or two members outshine or are in the limelight, when rest of the team have to take a backseat. The team concept is fantastic but the team members are also humans.

    When individuals within a team are sidelined or have to contribute but stay in the shadows, they would be unhappy and discontented. Have you seen or come across such situations, does it improve or adversely team morale?
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    Yes. You are very true. In some of the corporate companies, the persons working will always be loaded with work. The people who don't work and be chanchas of the MD will shine by taking the credit of these people working with them. To be on the safe side they see that the working people also will get some encouragement so that they will not leave or stop working. But they always maintain the gap between these people and his people so that they will be always above these people. They call this as teamwork. But when the actual person who is working is out, real merits will come out. So in a teamwork also the actual performers will be one or two only. But the merit goes to all. If always same candidates are performing and if they are getting highlighted, the other people can take it in a positive way and compete with them and try to grow. There will be another section of people who take the things negatively and try to demoralise the people who are working. In that system, the chances of getting the tasks finished in time is difficult and the systems will collapse.
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