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    Addiction thy name is ISC

    There cannot be any better quote for addiction than 'Addiction thy name is ISC'. Each and every active ISCian is an addict to ISC. Platinum Members are the most severe and serious addicts, the Diamond members are semi addicts, and the gold members are just addicts. We can differentiate the ISC addicts in many different ways. In total, ISC makes the members addicts to ISC.

    Do you have anything to comment about ISC addiction?

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    hahaha, I had the same topic in my mind for this contest. It's true that ISC is really an addiction in a positive way. Now I will have to think of some other topic.

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    Yes. ISC is an addiction to all its members. When you start your journey you will start as a member. By the time you achieve Gold membership you will not sleep without opening the site at least once in a day. Once you become a gold member your addiction will go to semi-serious addict position and you will become diamond membership your addiction will be on top gare. That is seriously addicted. Daily you have to complete your quota of points.Once you come to the platinum level you are a hardcore addict of this site. Unlike other addictions, the addiction to this site is a positive sign and it will help you in many ways. You will get an education, you will get knowledge and simultaneously you earn also. So it is good to get addicted here. The title of the thread by SUN is simply fantastic and very apt.
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    Yes, you are right Mr. Sun, we are all addicted to ISC. Though I am at the bottom level of membership in ISC if I talk. But, this does not matter, until you have the dedication to write. I somehow try and get time at night to write. But, its all the zeal that makes us do so. All platinum members are highly addicted to it, very correct, agree with you here also.
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    The author has mentioned it right. Platinum members are severe addicts of this site and I am one of them. Even one day away from this site makes me feeling that I have lost something on that day. Really great bonding I got from this site not because of good and responding members, but also a platform to show case my writing profess and in the process giving such information and discussing such issues which are not aware and has the necessity to give further leads. By the way I have also improved by typing skill to large extent as I can type now without seeing the key board often and that is great progress.
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    The author has put up the thread in an interesting way to show the effect of ISC on all of us. Yes, it is very true that we are addicted to it to more or less degree and the compulsion of coming to it time and again to quench the thirst of creative writing is well understood.

    This is a platform where even the people who are busy elsewhere are coming back whenever they have time in hand. This shows how deep the inter relation between this site and its members.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Rightly said Mr.SuN, It is an addiction but healthy and by choice.
    I woke up one day thinking of the waste time in idle office chit chat and meaningless what's groups too far and too many. Came across this by accident and started as a taster session and got hooked.

    Yes, every day, whenever the time is at hand, I dive into the 'Ocean' and have a look around, as a beginner learning to swim, I don't venture out far, just to the level, I can stick my nose out. Love to venture out far and long once I'm adapted. So far coming across friendly creatures, yet to encounter a 'shark' in these waters. What I loved so far is the vibrant exchange of ideas we have in the forum.There are experts in politics, history, science and life in general. The lifeguards are always around to help us or to ensure safe swimming for all. Hope much more join this family who is addicted to the ocean of India(SC).

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    I agree with the author. Nicely written and nicely categorized. ISC is truly an addiction. This site offers so much to learn and contribute. It is a good platform to exchange knowledge and earn some extra cash too. Instead of spending time on social networking sites which absorb our too much of valuable time, it is recommended to use ISC which will help us to direct our valuable energy and precious time in right direction.

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