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    Music addiction: pause the world and play the music

    I am a music-lover and not even a single day in my life passes without music. I start my day with peppy songs and end my day with melodies. It is a pure bliss to listen to instrumental music or cool melodies at night in bed. Especially, whenever I feel exhausted or in a happy mood, I immediately plug in my earphones and listen to my favorite songs. Sitting near window seat and listening to music while traveling is one of the best feelings ever. I always remember to carry my earphones along with me while stepping out of my house because music is one of the best companions which eliminate the feeling of loneliness. For the music addicts like me, playlists,mp3 players, speakers, audio cassettes, and earphones are the valuable assets.

    Music is a universal language and the people of all ages from different parts of the world can experience and feel it. I really don't know whether music addiction is a good sign or not, but to be frank I feel music is the best drug which has high power to shut the stress-filled outside world. The combined effect of instrumental sound and vocals always give various emotions and feelings to the listeners. Music has the magical power to uplift the mood of the listeners. It not only changes the mood but also provides a way to escape from the reality. The best thing about music is its diverse nature. A lot of different genres are available in music and there is a wide choice for the listeners to pick a song depending upon their state of mind or situation. Sometimes the lyric in a song exactly matches our real-life situation or experience and gives an awesome feeling or emotions. Music is a rhythmic language which eliminates pain and gives relaxation and high energy to the mind.

    Pause the world and play the music to lead a tuneful and harmonious life besides the tension-filled fast moving life.

    Are you a music addict? Is music addiction good or bad?

    Share your views.

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    Many people will have a love for music. Music is a medicine for many ills. Music is divine. Music is enjoyed by small babies, animals and also snacks. Such is the greatness of music. I don't know whether we have to call it addiction or love. I always enjoy while working on my laptop. My work and music will go on simultaneously. A small baby crying will also stop crying and start laughing as the sweet music hits the ears. My elder son used to be very naughty. He was always interrupting his mother when she was seriously working in the kitchen. So my wife used to put on the record player and start some good songs. This boy used to hear the songs and forget the other things. Till she completes her work, the record player will be on only. There are many music lovers and you know nowadays all the vehicles are fitted with music systems so that the passengers will enjoy the music while travelling.
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    Glad to hear your love for music, somehow the term addiction to melodies and instrumental music doesn't ring well like for instance quoting that he's addicted to head banging music.
    Music is truly a unique gift that affordable and easily accessible now with the array of portable gadgets.Music for the appropriate occasion and mood enriches the atmosphere. There a wide range to suit the tastes of many.
    Loving music is good as long as it's not that loud bang bang noise. One can have a passion for music, develop into a hobby or become a professional. It's soothing nature is well used by many to get away from stress and tension-filled moments of life.

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