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    Families are getting ruined because of addiction to this bad habit.

    These days drinking alcohol is a passion for many. The rich, the poor, the aged, the young, the employees, the students, the married, the unmarried, all categories of people are getting addicted to this drinking.
    The rich people will go to bars or maintain their own minibars in the house. If any friend comes or any relation arrives, any function in the house or any reason will be a reason for having a peg for these rich people. They can afford to waste money on this and later on they can spend on diseases for getting cured. But the whole problem comes with poor families only.
    Many of the poor families are getting ruined because of this habit. In villages, there are many people who earn their lively hood on daily wage working. Morning to evening they work in the field and get the money. They will be feeling very tired. So they directly go to the liquor shop and spend the whole money what they earned. They go home and expect his lady to feed him with her own earnings. These ladies work as domestic servants and earn very little. With that, they have to lead the whole family. They don't have any money even to their children's education. Many families are suffering like this. The husband will waste the money for drinking and the earnings of the wife will go for the treatment of the disease of the husband.
    Not only in villages but also in cities like Hyderabad there are known families who got spoiled. No house to stay in, no education to children and even no good food. But every day drinks to him. This is the situation. There are some families where the wives are forced to go for unethical activities for the requirements of her husband. Ultimately the family will get vanished one day.
    This is to be stopped. But government don't want to introduce prohibition as it is the biggest source of income for them. I feel the government should come out with remedial actions and see that the families will not get ruined.

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    Alcohol that is freely available in many parts of the country and is definitely a killer and home breaker among the poor. People who hardly earn hundred rupees a day spend a lot on alcohol and the entire family have to suffer. Adultered alcohol is also a killer, more quickly.
    Drunken driving, inappropriate conduct, crimes are just some examples of the evils of alcohol.

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    I feel alcohol is not the cause. It is the lack of knowledge which is creating more disturbance and troubles. Instead of banning alcohol, it is high time to educate illiterates as well as literate illiterates regarding the harm alcohol can cause in their lives. When a person consumes alcohol, it not only is damaging his health but also creating disturbance in his personal and professional life. Disturbance is not only related to him, but it also vibrates and reaches to all of them who are associated with him in some manner.

    Educate more and more people. I feel this is the only solution. Let each individual decided for himself. No product can be completely banned. Worshipers will seek their product of worship from some place or the other. It can be even manufactured within one's home. Thus, it cannot be completely removed. However, if masses are educated regarding its ill-effects then definitely some changes can be brought in society.

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