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    Addiction to history caused his death

    He held Master degrees in Ancient Indian History, Medieval History and Modern Indian History. To some students he was an excellent teacher; some students could not understand what he was teaching. He was not a conventional teacher. He never bothered about history syllabus. He could effortlessly go from Gupta Empire to Napoleonic Code of Conduct. While discussing Allahabad Pillar Inscription, he could criticize the Treaty of Vienna (1815). While teaching Alauddin Khilji, he could discuss the origin of army canteens.

    He never used to bother about examination and performance of the students. His sole aim was to create interest about history in the minds of young students. He used to explain to his students that history was a very potent weapon in the hands of administrators. The subject can be projected in different manners. He, like every other great teacher, always encouraged his students to question the version of history which was being presented. He taught his students that history is a flow of events and every historical event is the consequence of past action.

    This great teacher was almost married to history. He was a confirmed bachelor and used to live with the family of his elder brother. Throughout days and nights he used to remain engrossed in history books.

    However, this addiction to history caused his death. Although, it sounds astonishing but this is true. In a gloomy monsoon morning, as usual this great teacher was reading his history books in his residence. The maid-servant kept some acid in an unused cup on the table, with which she was supposed to clean the washroom. The teacher, engrossed in the history books, thought that his morning tea was served. He took a sip of the concentrated acid. He was taken to a hospital but his internal organs were irrecoverably burnt by the strong acid. His last days were very painful. After suffering from unbearable pain for several days, he left the world in 1982.


    I pay my deep respect to Late Gauri Shankar Jyoti (GJ), the great history teacher of our school, who developed my interest in the subject (along with my mother). Excessive addiction to history ultimately caused painful and untimely death of this respected and revered teacher.

    (Competition entry: Topic for TOW contest for the week 29th Oct to 04th Nov '17- Addiction.)
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    A noble gesture, Mr.Partha, dedicating something to your teacher and respecting him. Reading this, sounds like he was a born teacher, a gifted person who could inspire many students. Instead of speaking and writing on the black board, he's had the novel way to stimulate his students to interact, think and encourage uestions. Many present day experts will agree that the best way to teach is interactive sessions with the basic uestions Why? What? When?

    Sad to note that his death was painful, an unfortunate death for a wonderful teacher.

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    I bow my head with reverence for the great teacher Late Gauri Shankar Jyoti who was addicted to history very much and would teach the class effortlessly. Normally for students it is a boring subject and by the way the author has highlighted the best efforts of this teacher to sustain interest in the subject by going deeply in the subject and making the students to gather interest in the subject proves that the teacher mas mastered himself in the subject and got addicted to it. It is really great to remember such teacher and great tribute has been paid by the author. I also join in the league to pay my humble respect to that great soul.
    K Mohan
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    A beautiful satire on the real life incidents by the author. Well presented and well narrated. It is really surprising that some people are so engrossed in their work or interest that they are totally cut off from their surroundings. This type of dedication and concentration is really praise worthy and I pay my respects to such teachers.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A very nice way of putting down the thoughts. Really there are people who will dedicate themselves and pay more attention to their work. We should always appreciate those people. When it comes to teaching, this is a very important profession. Today's teachers are the creators of tomorrow's citizens. The teachers should see that their students will become good citizens and protect the nation. Really I have seen some teachers who put their heart in their work and see that their students will make them happy by protecting the nation from evils and misdeeds. Such teachers are very admirable and we should salute them for their dedication and sincerity. If the teachers are good the society will be good. My salutations to the history teacher of Partha for his commitment. A painful end to a pleasant teacher.
    always confident

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    A good post from you Partha. But cannot agree that addiction to history caused his death. It is his fate that the Lord Yama came in the form of acid to take away his life while he was holding an History book. RIP to your revered history teacher.
    No life without Sun

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