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    No Love No Pain......

    Hey, here the topic which I have been going through in my life. Actually when I was child I had been thinking that, does really Love make man insane? and Is there really a feeling which makes man to commit suicide?
    The answers for the question is "yes", I am not only talking about the love between your gf or bf. I am also saying that the love with everyone like your family members, friends, relatives and especially crush.
    In my view, the only one person who loves you truly is "Mother". She Loves your every movement from the time when you was in her stomach to her death. And next place goes to the father who guides you in everything.
    Then here comes our friends and more especially Best friend. I mean a human being from his/her birth to death they have own relationships and they also make relationships and try to get love from them and to do love them very much.
    while we love someone, we cannot bear a small change in their behavior and for that we scold them and even fight them but if they starts ignore without any reason we get in to a bewildered world.
    sometimes we commit suicide when our relationship was no longer with our loved one, to whom we want to keep with us to the entire life like lover.

    why we commit suicide? I know the answer is because of depression. Never go into depression there is more life to live and there are many more people who cares about you..

    loving is a good thing but committing suicide is very bad thing. Yeah " To whom we love very much, they only hurts us more". Because the reason is we love them and like them to be with us. if we stop to carrying the new relationships in the first then we don't to feel more in future...
    Love them who cares you really, Like your mother, father and your spouse because there is no news of committing suicide do to mother or father because they are your own.
    but if you make a girl friend or boy friend i mean a new relationship, then you to feel very bad if they will give hand to you.
    So no love no pain.
    how many of you agree about the quote "No love no pain"?

    "Never Give up, until your last breathe".
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    No love, no pain. It is true. Once we develop liking towards an item or a person if something happens to them we will get hurt and we will have a lot of pain. My sister is having no children. My sister and her husband are very orthodox and having God fear. As they are alone, somebody advised them to pet the dogs. They brought two dogs and almost from last six years they are taking care of them. They treat them as their children. My sister is not able to even go out as the two dogs are to be taken care. They developed such a deep love towards them that if tomorrow something happens to them, the pain of these two people will be unimaginable.
    The lives of Devadas and Parvati, Lila and Majnu, are the best examples for the pains due to love. So please don't get addicted to deep love towards ant thing or person. Otherwise, you will have a lot of pain if anything unexpected happens.

    always confident

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    Thank you,
    Dr. Rao for sharing about love and your family and
    I am feeling sorry for your sister.
    may god bless you and your family with many pleasures.

    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

    Sohail shaik...

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    I agree with you but a small thing I want to say is that love is not that which is physically made love is that which is mentally linked.... The pain we get due to love is because of no mutual understanding between the relationship carries... Mutual understanding is very important and love is that which gives us a discipline making nature.... Not only human beings we can love books, animals ...computers.. Our education... Our family... If we don't no how to maintain relationship what ever it may be a relationship between wife and husband or son and mother or sister and brother...... If we don't know how to maintain relationship then I mean that we don't know how live life... Life is nothing if we don't have someone.... Who's heart is waiting for us and whose heart love us cares us a lot.........

    Love all serve all***

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    I just do not agree with this saying. If there is love, there will be understanding for each other. There will be trust among each other. The mutual understanding is something which is needed in a relationship to last forever. The pain happens if we talk about a relationship between a girlfriend or a boyfriend, the main reason is the lack of trust first of all and secondly, they do not give enough space to each other. The relationships are maintained only if we give enough personal space to each other. Communication is definitely needed but space is also an important thing. The love of father and mother has no end. We fight with them also, but we do not leave them, it is because we know them fully and we trust them.
    Pain is secondary, when there are tough times, there is a pain, but that has to be overcome and that is a part and parcel of life. Love is a wonderful feeling that a human can ever experience, do not make it so painful.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    I think it's the other way around, No Love, Lots of pain but people do not agree or reveal it outside. A child grows with the love of mother, father, siblings, grandparents, then goes to school to get the love of the teacher, once we get married we have the love of our spouses and our own children and finally, when we become grandparents we get the love of our grandchildren. In between, we share love and affection for our friends, well-wishers and good human beings.

    It is only an immature mind and age, a deviant mind and thought process, false assumptions and circumstances that bring love a bad name. Some youngster is emotionally immature and cannot handle 'No', hence a rejection in love leads to suicide. The world blames 'love' and does not focus on the reality that yes, this person could not handle no or refusal. So, please have love but also the maturity and courage to accept reality.

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