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    English experts to explain this by

    We come across the words by, by and by, by the by, by the way, by and large. Will the intelligent, expert and understanding members explain the usage of the above words with suitable examples to update ourselves with the words.
    By and by
    By the by
    By the way
    By and large
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    An interest basic thread, sometimes we use phrases for the sake of it or because we like it, it enriches the language too. I'll do two,
    by the way: a common phrase used to introduce a topic or someone during the middle of a discussion. If I'm talking about something to Mr.X and suddenly you drop in, I would stop as say to Mr.X: By the way, meet my friend, Mr.SuN.

    by and large: another phrase that means on the whole except a few, like taking the majority view. If there is protest against a hike in petrol prices with only a couple of clashed or arrests, we would say: The protest against the recent hike in petrol prices in the city was, by and large peaceful.

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    Here us the try from my side by using the following world suggested by the author
    By what extent the author has been got involved to initiate this thread , by and by mentioning so many similar words at a time confusing the members but by the by he has initiated a good thread and in fact a humerus one to answer and by the way the experts of this site would certainly welcome such threads which are by and large has become the necessity for every member on how to use such words and in which context. By and large at the end we can find wholesome participation from our those members who are well versed in English language and their profess in it.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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