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    Addicted to Outer beauty

    Many people in this world desire to have a beautiful face, beautiful body, fair skin etc. Some take it to the extreme, having plastic surgeries, taking drugs(steroids) that harm their very body that they want to perfect. Some, who earn low salaries, spend a good amount of money on cosmetics and hair colouring that they keep borrowing money for other expenses.There are people taking loans to have cosmetic surgery as insurance does not cover such procedures in India.

    Seeing a face full of layered cosmetics, too much of glaring lipsticks, men getting eyebrows done makes everything look so artificial and many times unreal. Sometimes, it's so odd, that they stand out like a joker in the pack. There are many celebrities, who cannot be recognised without their make-up.

    In the run for Outer beauty, people forget on their inner self that needs no money but just a conscious effort.

    My entry for addiction TOW
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    What you said is truth but not a complete truth. It is the females who care for their external beauty. Naturally men are beautiful than women and need no make up. Not only men, but also all the male species in the world. Look at a Lion, Tiger, Peacock, Rooster,Ox or bull and male birds. They are naturally beautiful than their female counterparts. Only the females being the attracting sex make up themselves to be attractive to the males. I won't call it as addiction but compulsion to remain beautiful. Earstuds, nosestuds, Necklaces, chains, bangles, rings, payals(leg ornament), flowers on their hair plaits and cosmetics are the external wears that makes a women look beautiful and attractive without which they would look ugly in front of the men. So I conclude saying it as a compulsion, not addiction.

    However, finally, I would say that men are addicted to the outer beauty of the women. Men long to see beautiful girls. They dream for good looking girls for marriage. They expect their wives to look beautiful in front of others. They expect their daughters to be beautiful to have no problem in getting a groom for them. So on and so on.

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    We are all just ugly skeletons buried under the layers of lies. We crave for attention and care every second. So we keep grooming our-selves. The true beauty of the face is buried under the weight of countless cosmetic products.
    Keeping someone or something beautiful is a taxing job. We need to work hard to tend to that beauty.
    But cosmetics claim to preserve such hard-earned beauty and claim to distribute beauty among everyone.
    Hence undoubtedly people will run after them.
    We are not addicted to being beautiful, we are addicted to seeing beautiful.

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    It is true we are addicted getting attracted towards outside physical beauty. Ladies will give a lot of importance to their make up to appear good. But males may not give that much importance for their appearance but like to see beautiful ladies. They feel happy by seeing a beautiful lady. But I feel the physical beauty is secondary. But the inner beauty is always admirable. Many people spend a lot of money to purchase makeup kits like lipsticks, face powders, facial creams etc. They don't bother for food but they spend a lot for dresses. As mentioned by the author there are people who even go for loans for appearing beautiful. Mainly the people in the cinema and TV field spend a lot of money on this. It is because of their profession. If they are not maintaining their outer beauty no chances will come to them. So that is a requirement for their profession. Generally, the person who works will always spend some money on these items. But housewives may not be spending that much. This all depends on the nature of the individual. Butter inner beauty is always important than physical appearance.
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    Are men beautiful than women!?
    Women have compulsion to remain beautiful!?
    I think, you are lucky that female members are not responded till now!

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    I have said it in my earlier threads that men are beautiful than women. Especially the male of both human being and animal being. Men are naturally beautiful and women are made beautiful artificially with make-ups and ornaments. No lady will look beautiful without earstuds or necklace or chain. Even many lady members have agreed to my statement by remaining silent. I don't think any lady member would respond to my response and disagree.

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    Yes what the author said is right. We are addicted to our outer beauty as if we have best things beneath our skin. Seven layers of skin is concealing the body and inside that we cannot see nor appreciate our own body. Such is the mess inside , we shall vomit or wont get sleep. Still we are convinced with our outer beauty and spend lots of money to maintain color, texture and glow of our skin. We are worried lot when wrinkles starts appearing and we even fear about reaching old age. I have seen many elders spending lots of money to look young with wigs and artificial teeth sets and also coloring hair as young.
    K Mohan
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    Only the rich and who can afford go for cosmetics to enhance their beauty to look good in the society. Even the poor goes for make-up in a saloon or beauty parlour before attending any party or function. So, it has become a compulsion, not addiction. Make-ups are like eating our regular food. It is never an addiction. I would say that the cine actors are addicted to their outer beauty as they would look extremely ugly without make-up.
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    If our beautiful and intelligent lady members are accepting your version, I don't have any problem!

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    I fully agree with the author. We are always addicted to outer beauty. To take stock of inner beauty is very time consuming and may not be possible for people with shallow depth (like myself). So, most of us remain satisfied with the manifested form of beauty.

    What to do? This has been happening since ages.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It will be quite interesting if few lady members join this thread and justify their compulsion for their external beauty without any make-up and ornaments.

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    Cosmetic surgery was once a medical procedure, to set right damage down to particularly the facial skin of someone who'd been in an accident or had a birth defect, like a cleft palate. But, then people started injecting chemicals to prevent signs of ageing and going under the knife, to enhance their features. And I hold the medical fraternity responsible, for introducing cosmetic surgery. That being said I think that people have a right to look the way they want to if that makes them more confident and feel better about themselves. I wouldn't do it – I have embraced silver and feel confident in myself.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I agree with the author but I am compelled to disagree with Mr. Sun. Before I start with my justification, I would like to emphasize that it is not a compulsion for women to remain beautiful and if such conception is there in men's mind I think they should rethink about it.

    "Naturally men are beautiful than women and need no make up. : Men are not beautiful, we can say they are handsome but not more than women. " Exceptional cases do exist but to outrightly say that Men are beautiful than women and need no make-up I totally disagree, if that was the case I guess the heroes acting in movies shouldn't opt for makeup. They have their own make up man, they spend hefty amount for their make over just like their female counter parts. If men were more handsome, I think cosmetics brands wouldn't have come up with products for men. In today's world I won't hesitate to say that men are very much conscious of their looks as much as female counter parts are. Again, definition of beautiful/handsome differs from outlook of person to person.

    "Not only men but also all the male species in the world. Look at a Lion, Tiger, Peacock, Rooster, Ox or bull and male birds. They are naturally beautiful than their female counterparts". : Look at parrot, swan, vixen, doe just to name few female species who look more beautiful than their male counterparts. Again, in the animal kingdom, I have read in zoology that the male counterparts dances, fights and does many things to get the approval from the female counterpart. Some display or show off their ornaments as well.

    "Only the females being the attracting sex makeup themselves to be attractive to the males. I won't call it as an addiction but the compulsion to remain beautiful." "Compulsion to remain beautiful?" This is something that I totally disagree with. Why in the world is there any compulsion to remain beautiful? There is no compulsion to remain beautiful and if that was the case then only glamorous industries would have flourished. There are guys who do makeup, is it a compulsion for them to be handsome?

    " Earstuds, nosestuds, Necklaces, chains, bangles, rings, payals(leg ornament), flowers on their hair plaits and cosmetics are the external wears that makes a women look beautiful and attractive without which they would look ugly in front of the men. : " Again, please look around, young guys putting up single earstuds, nosestuds, big necklaces,chains, bangles. There are many females who don't use any of these ornaments that you have mentioned and yet they look as beautiful as girls who wears them. They are not ugly without these ornaments.

    In today's time, addiction for outer beauty is there equally among men and women.

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    Aapne ration leke mere ooper chad gaya (A Hindi saying). Good to see your good comments. I still won't agree that women are naturally beautiful. Women are soft,not beautiful. Men are tough,but handsome and beautiful. In a beauty show conducted for men, they show their muscles, whereas in miss India/universe contests, women show their make-ups and fashion wears and ornaments. Generally ladies are not that beautiful without make-up and ornaments. Men with single earstud or ornament look ugly. They are rowdies of the present day. I hate to see such men.

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    Fight it out or surrender!

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    I think men are fastidious about their appearance. The fact is that men care for their physical appearance, the same, if not more than women. The majority of men, irrespective of caste, race, religion, nationality etc., alter their looks. Most men shave and trim their hair. Even men, who sport a beard and/or moustache, regularly trim the same, to maintain their looks.

    Men, who participate in 'beauty' contests, shape their eyebrows and wax their arms and legs and even their chest and bellies and backs and underarms. The guys with rippling muscles, pump iron, to build their muscles, they aren't natural. Most of them use steroids to get that big. They also wax and paint their bodies – you are mistaken to think they come in their natural form.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I agree with your thoughts Natarajan, these days people are more attracted to outer looks rather than the nature of a person. This will not be called an addiction exactly but people have become like that. Their thoughts are like that, ie. if they will look beautiful, they will be noticed more among others. Todays time is likely of "show off" as I always say.

    Addiction to outer looks, you can see the best example are the television stars. Because it is in their profession, they will have to make themselves like that.
    Now coming to the point what Mr. Sun has said, I will not fully agree with it. I will say "Boys are handsome but girls are beautiful." The beauty that a girl beholds in herself is incomparable to a boy.
    If talking about the outer looks, girls will always top. It is always said that "God must have had a lot of thoughts before creating women." There are a lot of quotes which define the beauty of a women. That talks about the natural beauty that they hold.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Trying to look beautiful is not a bad thing and it is not a gender biased thing, if anyone wants to look beautiful it doesn't make him/her any lesser human than others but to go into extreme to achieve that beauty and perfectness is a thing to be concerned about.
    We all are beautiful if our heart and soul are beautiful and no matter how beautiful our exterior is if our soul,heart and conscience are not good we are nothing but just like robots with thoughts randomly passing through our databases.
    Trying to look beautiful is a good thing but staying obsessed to it is what result into more bad consequences. For eg- Michel Jackson ( he went to extremes to look beautiful and fair if we compare his photos during his earlier days and last days we will find a lot of difference) but how does that end for him, the consequences were very bad.
    And Mr. Sun its an example of a male obsessed with beauty that too such a big personality.
    So we should not be obsessed with any thing in excess.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    I think the beauty concept is associated with ladies and we should not disturb that and adore the looks. Men must look stronger and healthy and nothing more than that. The body personality and the height would denote the handsomeness to others. What is the use of wife looking beautiful and adorable and the husband looking weak and cannot be determined that he is her life partner. Often I have seen that combination which may disturb wife as she could not tell this with others nor she could digest that vast difference in personality looks. And for me women looking more beautiful without make up is the natural gift.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Finally, I think, members will start saying that bathing daily is an addiction. Having hair cut and trimming beard is an addiction. Everththing that we do is to keep ourself clean and look smart. Therefore, making ourself externally beautiful or handsome is not an addiction but compulsion.
    No life without Sun

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    I appreciate author who has given more importance to inner beauty than external beauty. No matter how many efforts are made, external beauty is going to fade away at some point or the other. More the cosmetics used, more worst side effects they are going to deliver on our skin. Cosmetics used to beautify our skin, worsens it from deep within. Cosmetic surgeries on the other hand are not permanent solutions either. They are quite expensive and also demands too much of ours as well as medical attention as after care.

    Inner self on the other hand do not require any extra care or money. All one requires is awareness and attention. More the self awareness increases within us, more beautiful we become from within. Trust me, inner beauty when radiates from within also beautifies a person externally. Most important point here is that inner beauty never fades unlike external beauty.

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    Excellent replies, we all agree that inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty. For some, outer beauty is an extreme form of compulsion (Mr.SuN would be happy) or addiction.

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