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    Food wastage- in occasions

    The main reason for this topic of food wastage is now a days we are saying a lot of food wastage in our surroundings especially in occasions. I am not able to understand why people don't feel pain while wasting food because before wasting food we should once imagine the children on road side old men on roads and near slums who are not able feed themselves at least once in a day they beg for food they sit on roads near railway stations crying on roads,sleeping on road sides the main reason is as they don't have money they are feed themselves and so they are begging for food and money.... Once imagine we are the one who have enough money, status but we are wasting food it mean that we don't know the value of food........ Close your eyes and remember poor children who are asking for bread on road sides.... I think you may have also come across such children... If u really have heart till now you may have got tears in ur eyes remembering such Help less and innocent children.... My suggestion is think about innocent children on road begging and remember their faces before wasting a piece of bread.... Help poor don't be fashionable near food.. JAI HINDH!
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    Yeah yeah. We all know that we are wasting food. If I talked in a broader sense, nothing goes waste. The food you throw, never goes waste. We utilize it as energy. The organic waste is used as a manure instead of dumping.
    But yeah, as you said, food doesn't remain the food it was before and doesn't reach the needy.
    But did you ever think like this- government does provide free or cheap rations for the under-privileged right? What if one of those poor kids is throwing the food away? Because those cheap rations lack quality and tastes disgusting.
    It is never about the status. I've seen rich kids eating and licking the plate clean.
    We throw/waste food for following reasons:
    1. You are full and can't take more.
    2. The food is utterly non-consumable.
    3. When you find a toxic particle in food.
    4. When the food served is inaccessible.
    5. When the food reaches it's expiry.

    I don't think anyone would be foolish enough to waste food for any other reasons because you buy food with your hard-earned money. In other words, you buy yourself some energy to work,to earn some more energy to work later.
    So, we all know that food is precious.
    Moreover, never compromise with food. If you are finding uncomfortable to eat, don't. If you had your fill, don't force yourself.
    Conserve and share food.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Recently a lot of discussions was there on this topic. It is not correct to waste food. Many people in our country are not able to get food two times a day. Instead of wasting the food if you donate that food some needy people they will be happy to consume it and their hunger will also come down. As mentioned in functions many people take more than what they can eat into their plates and throw the plate into the waste plates bin with that food. It is really a national waste. It is always better to take whatever you can consume and eat that fully. Then the remaining food can be given to outsiders we are hungry. These days there are some organisations who will collect this excess food if you inform them, and distribute to the people who want to eat. You can inform them by phone. They will come and collect. Better everybody practice this. Even in our house if there is leftover food offer it to the servant maid or a beggar who comes to your house for food, it will give you the satisfaction that the food you have cooked is not wasted and is quite useful for somebody to take care of their need.
    always confident

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    We had a similar thread, it's sad to see people throwing out or wasting food just because their stomachs are full while close by they are many people who struggle to get a little to eat even once a day. We all are responsible citizens, some even deciding who to spend thousands of crores of money for the people but we forget the simple fact that we are wasting precious food at parties, functions, weddings, naming ceremonies etc. Under the guise of having a grand celebration,people have lavish events and food gets wasted in huge quantities.

    Each one of us can contribute by managing food excess right from regulating preparation, limiting number of dishes, limiting servings, and packing left over food cleanly and giving it to the poor in time.This can be done at home, when we eat out, when we hold or attend functions and by the hotel industry big and small.

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    yes Nawaz, I have seen many times in many occasions there are many varieties to eat but no one can eat. Those varieties shows their varieties. They never bother about wastage they just think how can they show their status to the people.
    I think this is insane. If you really have status why don't help poor. instead of throwing varieties outside, try to give food for the poor people. i mean not that food which you are throwing, provide fest for the poor people especially on the time of occasion and donate your money to the orphans, poor peoples and never go for showing status.
    There are so many peoples in this world who are sleeping everyday with empty stomach and some are begging on the roads and some may not ask or stretch their hands in front of someone to beg.
    "Don't show off".

    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

    Sohail shaik...

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    In those days there was beggers, street dogs, poor people were standing outside the marriage/function halls to eat the wasted food from inside. Later to avoid this wastage people organizing functions arranged buffet system but in that also people wasting into dustbin. Unless otherwise eating people should realize that such wasting foods are just mingling in the mud without using to anybody and stop wasting this practice won't get corrected.

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